Facial Oil Cleansing Method

Facial | Oil Cleansing Method

Facial | Oil Cleansing Method

This is the third post in a 3-part series of facial care, and it is perhaps, the most important. Steps 1 and 2, the Pineapple Facial and Baking Soda Exfoliation are primarily exfoliation with some cleansing. This Oil Method Cleansing is not only cleansing, but also mildly exfoliating and moisturizing. If I had to choose just one facial treatment, it would be this one because it does a little bit of everything. At this point, I use all three equally, each treatment once or twice per week. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my skin since I started these treatments on a regular basis.

I haven’t used a drop of soap on my face in four years now; soap just wasn’t working for me. It didn’t matter how many times I washed my face, I just couldn’t get the deep dirt out. After a few years of gardening as a business, I noticed the pores around my nose had become a permanent black color. It was at that point I really started struggling with my skin. I’ve always had oily skin, and for years I tried one cleanser after the next. It seemed that every time I would change products my skin would have a little freak out. Then, it would seem to settle in for a little while only to start acting up again, and the whole process would start over again.

So what is actually happening? Every time that I would strip my face with cleansing products, my skin would go into overdrive trying to restore it’s oils and balance. It is this overdrive mode that seems to create all the problems. In addition, I now know that every time that I switched products, I totally upset the balance of my skin. Since I’ve learned about the ph balance of skin and hair, I’ve been experimenting with things that help create balance. Your skin is an organ that needs oil to properly function. So, the best way to keep it healthy is by whisking away the dirty surface oil without upsetting the balance and causing your skin to overproduce too much of it’s own oils.

I’ve tried several different options over the last few years, and this oil method of facial cleansing is amazing. From the get go it just made sense to me. The science behind it is that ‘like removes like’ in other words, oil is removing facial oil. Since I’ve started this cleansing method, my skin has been the best I’ve seen since childhood. It’s the strangest thing, my face doesn’t get super oily in the afternoon anymore and the breakouts are down to almost never.

Oil cleansing is by far the most effective way of cleansing my face, and as a bonus, it seems to moisturize on a deeper level. See, as you are cleansing you get a mini face massage, pretty good right? It creates a deep cleansing as well as deep moisturizing, leaving you with a rosy glow.

It may take a little time for all things to be sunshine and roses. You see, balance has to be restored and that can be an adjustment depending on how many products you are currently using. It is recommended that you use only the oil cleansing method for a time to get through that adjustment stage, to the place where your skin quits overproducing oils. If you are using soap at all your skin is going to get confused.

What Kind of Oil to Use?

Jojoba: Great all around oil for all skin types.

Almond: All skin types but especially for oily skin.

Argan: Works really good for all skin types, it’s really expensive and all the rage right now, (I used it for a while and it worked really well, but the $30 a bottle price tag has kept me from buying another one).

Avocado: For dry and or aging skin.

Sunflower Seed: All skin types, with the benefit of additional Vitamin E which protects and repairs your skin.

Castor Oil: The most cleansing and antibacterial but can be drying (I know, weird right, ‘drying oil’?). You want to mix castor oil with one of the above ‘carrier oils’. They say to use up to 30% castor oil for oily skin. I haven’t used it personally because I usually use this treatment at night, and want the more moisturizing benefits of the other oils.

What To Do:

Rinse your face in cool water. Pick the type of oil that works the best for you, and massage about 1-2 Teaspoons into your face for 2 minutes, (nice in theory, but really even 30 seconds works wonders). Place a warm washcloth over your face, hold there for a few seconds and then begin to gently wipe off the oil.

That’s all there is to it. This always leaves my face soft, moisturized, and glowing.

One Important Note: After any treatment, I always use Humphrey’s Witch Hazel. Humphrey’s is a mild non-drying astringent and toner, helping to remove any trace of dirt or bacteria that may remain on the surface of your skin. It is also cleansing, and very soothing to sensitive skin. Humphrey’s is the only brand that I know of, that is a completely natural distilled Witch Hazel. I’ve used other brands but I haven’t had good results with them.

Facial | Oil Cleansing Method

See you next week for a Style post, my black heels are getting revamped.


21 Comments on “Facial Oil Cleansing Method”

  1. Angela

    Thank you for being so prompt at replying! I just want to double check with you about the order of things and how often. Splash face with cold water, then massage it with oil for 2 minutes. Place a warm towel and remove it gently. Then, rub pineapple and rinse with cool water and follow with moisturizer. I understand that using pineapple or baking soda is twice a week correct? whenever i don’t do them i don’t need moisturizer due to the effects of oil. Do you use Hazel after the oil cleansing and if your do, what kind of moisturizer do you use? Thank you and have a blessed day!

    1. Kari

      Actually I almost always use all three treatments individually and mix them up on different days. I’ve started using the baking soda less and less because I find the build up on my face isn’t as bad after a few years of being diligent with the oil cleansing. Right now what really seems to be working for me is 2 days in a row with oil cleansing then 1 day with a pineapple facial, then I just repeat the process. Once in a while, about 2x per month I use the baking soda, it just depends on how my face feels or how much I’m traveling (it’s much easier to take baking soda with you than fresh pineapple). I always try to apply Witch Hazel after whichever kind of facial treatment I’m using. I don’t usually use a moisturizer at all on my face because I have oily skin and it seems to moisturize itself. Sometimes after a long day outside when we’re hiking in the mountains and I feel like my skin could use a little extra TLC, I’ll use my Easy Buttercream Lotion after applying the Witch Hazel and letting it dry on. I hope this answers your questions, and be sure to let me know how it goes and if you have anymore questions! 🙂

  2. Angela

    Hi I really enjoyed reading your blog. I started getting facial skin problems in my mid twenties. I have lately purchased the Mia Clarisonic, yet I still break out and have blackheads on my nose. I am excited to use your healthy routine such as the pineapple mask following with the baking soda. I definitely agree that your skin does best when eating lots of veggies and fruit. Thanks again.

    1. Kari

      One thing that might really help you is using Humphrey’s Witch Hazel as an astringent, when I was a full time gardener I notice that the skin around my nose started turning black from touching my face too often with dirt caked hands. After I started using natural methods of cleaning my face, (quitting soap for good) and using Witch Hazel, my skin started looking normal again. The other thing I’ve found that is absolutely essential is raw Apple Cider Vinegar, I drink it diluted with water and it really helps with breakouts because it rebalances your pH. It also works as a great astringent but you need to dilute it before putting it on your skin, the normal ratio is 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water. I would avoid using baking soda when your skin is broken out because it can aggravate it due to the abrasion factor, but pineapple is perfect because there’s no abrasion and it actually helps with inflammation. I hope this helps, and be sure to let me know how it goes!

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