Lemon Cream Body Butter

Lemon Cream Body Butter | Get Inspired Everyday!

Lemon Cream Body Butter | Get Inspired Everyday!

I posted this recipe almost 3 years ago, and it’s still my favorite body butter, (I often use it in place of lotion during the really cold, dry months). Usually body butters take forever to sink in and leave my skin semi oily, but this body butter absorbs quickly and leaves my skin super soft.

I’ve updated the photos for this post because it’s hard to get excited about a recipe when the photos are less than optimal, (and oh my word, the old ones were definitely a trip down memory lane to when I could barely use a point and shoot much less a DLSR). The recipe remains the same, even after making this many times, I’ve never altered it. I’ve also added a bit more to the description for how to make this body butter (but I left the rest of the post as it was originally). So I hope you’ll enjoy one of my all time favorite recipes, and you’ll certainly enjoy super soft skin if you make this body butter!

Lemon Cream Body Butter | Get Inspired Everyday!

My good habit of using my pumice stone everyday to maintain soft feet, disappeared somewhere over the course of the winter. Well…., it’s spring and I just got my sandals out so it’s time to take action. The pumice stone is once again in use, and Lemon Cream Body Butter is fixing all my winter skin blues.

It’s really nice to have something extra moisturizing, and this really fits the bill. Also, it smells so good that I want to eat it. This body butter is particularly good for softening dry or scaly skin and restoring it to softness again. I find that my hands, elbows, and feet need a little extra care throughout the seasons, and a regular lotion just isn’t enough. Enter body butter. Lately I’ve started using it as a cuticle cream as well, and it’s been working great.

Lemon Cream Body Butter | Get Inspired Everyday!

I used lemon essential oil, but any citrus oil smells wonderful, as does vanilla. I buy my cocoa butter at a local health food store because it’s the easiest place to find it other than online shopping.

Lemon Cream Body Butter | Get Inspired Everyday!

You want to melt the ingredients over low heat until just warm. If you get the ingredients too warm you can destroy some of their beneficial properties.

Lemon Cream Body Butter | Get Inspired Everyday!

This body butter becomes fully solidified after 24 hours, but I like to speed up the process by placing it over an ice water bath and stirring until it firms up. Don’t worry if you come back to it in a few hours and it looks a little softer, it will become stable after 24 hours, although it does melt if the room temperature gets too high.

Lemon Cream Body Butter | Get Inspired Everyday!

This is definitely a luxurious body butter, it feels like buttercream frosting, and I haven’t found anything else that softens my skin quite like this does.

Lemon Cream Body Butter | Get Inspired Everyday!

This body butter doesn’t have any beeswax in it, so it melts as it comes in contact with your skin. I find that it absorbs into my skin way better than the ones that I’ve tried made with beeswax.

Note: coconut oil melts at about 76 degrees Fahrenheit, so this body butter will become liquid if your room temperature is a little warmer.

Update: the temperature in our house has fluctuated a lot as the outside temperatures get warmer, and my body butter has melted a couple of times now. You can remix it with a fork to make it fluffy again or just use it a little firmer. Either way, it works the same. If you want it to remain stable, you can experiment with adding 2 Tablespoon of beeswax instead of the cacao butter. I like mine without wax because it absorbs better into my skin!

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Lemon Cream Body Butter
Prep time
Total time
Serves: makes ⅔ cup
  • 6 Tablespoons coconut oil
  • ¼ cup cacao butter
  • 1 Tablespoon vitamin E oil
  • ¼ Teaspoon lemon essential oil
  1. Place the coconut oil and cacao butter in a saucepan. Over low heat, warm until just melted.
  2. Remove from the heat. Add the vitamin E oil and essential oil.
  3. Cool until the mixture solidifies, (a few hours at room temperature). Stir the body butter vigorously with a spatula, and then transfer to a clean container with a lid.
To speed up the cooling process, you can place the body butter over an ice bath and stir vigorously until it goes from melted to firm and fluffy.

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73 Comments on “Lemon Cream Body Butter”

  1. Suzette

    I just made a batch of this butter and it is fantastic!! I didn’t have vitamin E, so I used slightly less than 1 tablespoon of Sweet Almond Oil instead. I also used Sweet Orange essential oil in place of the lemon for two reasons. One is because orange essential oil is not phototoxic, so I won’t have to worry about going out in the sun after applying and second, I wanted this to smell like those chocolate oranges you buy around Christmas time – you know, the ones you whack on the table to break apart into sections. And oh my goodness, it smells just like them! It feels heavenly on my skin too. Thanks for this easy, awesome recipe.

    Oh, and just FYI for anyone making this, 6 Tablespoons (of the coconut oil) is equivalent to just slightly more than 1/3 cup. I found it much easier to use my measuring cup than my measuring spoon for this. 🙂

    1. Kari

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe, and I absolutely can’t wait to try your orange/cocoa butter combination because it sounds like it would smell wonderful!

  2. Louisa

    Where is the step in the recipe/instructions that get it fluffy? I keep re-reading it, and all I get is that you melt it together and then let it cool. I can’t figure out when it should be getting it’s nice texture. Doesn’t seem to be a very complete recipe 🙁

    1. Kari

      Hi Louisa, first of all thanks for writing because I realized I needed to be more specific in the recipe. You do just melt the ingredients together and then let it cool, but I like to stir it vigorously to make it a little lighter before placing it in a clean container, (I just made a note in the recipe). Also I described a way to speed it up by using an ice bath in the post, and I added a note about that to the recipe. The body butter stays nice and fluffy around 70ºF but if the temperature flucuates the body butter can become hard at cold temperatures and melt at warmer temperatures. If it melts the texture isn’t quite as fluffy, but it works exactly the same. I hope this helps, be sure to let me know if you have anymore questions, and thanks so much for writing because it really helped me improve the recipe! 🙂

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