5 Reasons to Add Lemon to Your Water

5 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water | Get Inspired Everyday! 1. Lemon is alkalizing helping to balance your ph levels. I have just recently learned that disease thrives in an acidic environment so alkalizing foods are especially good.

2. Lemon juice oxygenates and hydrates your body.

3. It’s high in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and much more.

4. Lemon water in the morning kickstarts your metabolism, digestive system, and helps your kidneys flush out toxins.

5. Lemon juice is antibacterial, antiviral, and immune boosting.

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Summer Slaw with Creamy Cilantro Dressing

Summer Slaw with Creamy Cilantro Dressing | Get Inspired Everyday!

This slaw is a great addition to barbecuing season. It’s simple crisp flavors complement most everything. In addition, it’s easy to change around. You could add mangos and Grilled Chipotle Chicken, (that’s what we had for dinner) or you could add feta cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds. Or… for a classic combination, you could simply pair it with ribs and let the ribs do the talking.

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Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens | Get Inspired Everyday!

The massive destruction that surrounds Mount St. Helens is both stunning and breathtaking. There’s a surreal beauty to this mountain and the surrounding landscape.  Mount St. Helens has erupted more times in the last 4,000 years than any other volcano in the Cascade Range. The eruption in 1980 was devastating for many in the surrounding area. The mountain blew a cloud of ash 15 miles into the sky, and the subsequent eruptions carved a new landscape. I didn’t know this but Mount St. Helens has continued to erupt right up until 2008!

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DIY Lemon Hair Gel

DIY Lemon Hair Gel | Get Inspired Everyday!

This lemon hair gel is great to have around for extra hold, or just a little frizz control. I tried making a flaxseed gel and it worked really well, but it’s pretty messy and only keeps for a week or two in the fridge. So…, that’s where gelatin comes in. I need something around for those ‘we have an emergency’ frizz days. It keeps for several weeks in the fridge, and about a week at room temperature.

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Chipotle Grilled Chicken

Chipotle Grilled Chicken | Get Inspired Everyday!

This is my new go-to recipe for chicken; because what can’t be improved with chipotle? This started out as a basic marinade for summer grilling, but one thing led to another and I just couldn’t keep the chipotle out of there. So here we are with this Mexican inspired marinade, and you know what? Chipotle Grilled Chicken has just become my new building block for all things Mexican.

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Portland | Get Inspired Everyday!

Portland, Oregon is a great city for all things recreational and food, so we definitely enjoyed our time there. There’s an unending amount of great restaurants, things to see, and things to do. The Mountain Hardware flagship store is in Portland. I have such a weakness for outdoor stores, so of course we went; hours passed, clothes were bought, and the rest is history.

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The Best Guacamole

The Best Guacamole | Get Inspired Everyday!

For the perfect guacamole, less is more. Simple ingredients combined for phenomenal flavor. There are countless uses for guacamole; from fajitas, tacos, and burritos, to afternoon snacking, and even as a salad dressing. This is my basic blueprint for guacamole, and it’s the recipe that I always come back to because it’s my favorite.

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Easy Butter Chicken

Easy Butter Chicken | Get Inspired Everyday!

Here is my updated version of Butter Chicken. Last week I posted an authentic recipe, and this week I have my interpretation for you. This recipe is lighter and faster. I simplified the spice list and made this recipe dairy free. Just to be clear, this is ‘Butter’ Chicken in preparation only, there isn’t any butter or cream in this version.

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Painted Hills and the Clarno Unit

The Painted Hills and The Clarno Unit | Get Inspired Everyday!

It all began with a coffee-table book. We were shopping in Calgary (I’m guessing it was for kitchen stuff), and at some point I noticed Tyler had drifted  into the travel book section. I found him sitting on the floor paging through a book with the natural wonders of the world in it. Pretty soon I was sitting on the floor too, captivated by all the neat places to go and see. The John Day Fossil Beds were listed in the book, with pictures of the Painted Hills, and that got the ball rolling for the whole Oregon trip.

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