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Hi, my name is Kari and my husbands name is Tyler. We’re so happy you’ve found your way to Get Inspired Everyday! We hope you’ll find some inspiration with healthy recipes, outdoor travel, and clean skin care DIY recipes.

Tyler is Canadian born and I’ve lived in Montana my whole life. We now both reside in Montana, even though the immigration process when we were first married took years before we could settle down together.

During that time, we had to live on opposite sides of the border, and so we ended up spending lots of time traveling through the Rocky Mountains from Jasper, Alberta down through Montana.

Whatever adventure we might be in the middle of, food has always been the constant for us. Whether we spent the day traveling, or just playing catchup around the house, the day is going to end with some good food for sure!

Tyler & Kari standing in a waterfall in Glacier National Park
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You’ll find all sorts of easy gluten free real food recipes here on the blog. Most of my recipes are also Paleo friendly, with lots of Whole30 inspiration as well. We focus on easy dinners, but you’ll find plenty of snacks, healthy treats, side dishes, and breakfast recipes too. We also have a large section of meal prep recipes that help us stay on track with healthy veggie filled eating, and we hope this resource will help you as well.

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Kari taking a photo of a Glacier in Iceland

On the travel section you’ll find lots of outdoor travel, especially in National Parks. We live minutes from Glacier National Park, and so we hope to inspire you to get out and explore as well. Even when we travel overseas, you’ll still find us in the mountains. So we hope you’ll enjoy the stunning views as well as handy tips for planning your next trip! Finally, the newest thing you’ll find here are some backcountry and camp cooking tips.

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Homemade Lavender Lip Balm

Over in the lifestyle part of the blog, you’ll find mainly DIY recipes for clean skin care. There’s everything from easy sugar scrubs, face masks, homemade body wash, lip balms, to tutorials for how to do an at home facial like you’d find in a spa. You’ll also find some how-to’s for meal prepping from seasonal inspiration, to how to meal prep snacks. These go hand in hand with the meal prepping recipes in the food section. 

Farmer's Market Abundance

Our Food Philosophy…

We often get asked what kind of ‘diet’ we follow? And the answer is we focus on as many veggies as possible with real food. If you had to put a label on it, we eat mostly Paleo, which we’ve taken to calling Paleo-ish!

One of the great things about the Paleo diet is the focus on real food with no processed ingredients. However we’re both beyond fond of cheese which isn’t in the Paleo lineup, and so we just call our diet ‘veggie focused’.

It can be hard to ‘know how to eat’ in this day and age with so much confusion. But one thing we started noticing as a theme is any expert you hear talking about different diets all agree on 1 thing… and you guessed it – we should all be eating more veggies!

We try to support our local farmers with their amazing produce for a few reasons. One reason is that local produce tastes so much better, and it then becomes easy to eat more veggies. Then there are the ‘local’ and ‘sustainability’ aspects that we love. And finally, when you’re acquainted with the farmer you’re buying from, you know more about exactly how your food was grown!

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Easy Gluten Free Summer Cheese Board | Get Inspired Everyday!
Pesto Pasta Salad on top of the world | Get Inspired Everyday!
Paleo Honey Mustard Trail Mix | Get Inspired Everyday!

Thanks so much for stopping by…

… and we hope you’ll leave us a comment below! Whether you’re looking for recipe inspiration for your everyday life, or for food on-the-go, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. Most days we’re making these recipes for a regular ‘Tuesday night dinner’, but these recipes also come with us on our weekend adventures and travels as well. Pictured above there’s my Easy Gluten Free Summer Cheese Board taken along as a picnic. Next in line is my Grilled Summer Veggie Pesto Pasta Salad on a mountain top with some cute ‘wildlife’ trying to steal some. And finally there’s my Paleo Honey Mustard Trail Mix being enjoyed as a snack while we sat on the shores of the Lake of Hanging Glaciers. So I hope you’ll find some new favorite recipes for all aspects of you life as well!

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  1. HIYA!! I stumbled on your site while looking for a recipe and to my delight, you are from Kalispell. 🙂 I practically live in Glacier.

    I’ve been cooking for people for over 50 years and have hundreds of recipes that I have been tweaking and cooking for all of those years. I especially love cooking Italian (I’m from New York. What can I say?) I also love baking bread.

    Good to see other foodies living so close! Good luck to you in your endeavor. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Paul, we’ve probably crossed paths without knowing it in Glacier! Italian is my favorite cuisine, and it’s the one I always come back to, especially when I’m entertaining!

  2. I just came across your website and was excited over all of the awesome content! I had to read about the author and was THRILLED to see you are living in my home town! Well, Bigfork is my hometown, but close enough! I’m so envious that you get to be home in Gods Country! My husband and I are both from there and are aching for the day we can return for good! Love the website, fantastic job!

    • Thanks so much Noelle, I really hope you do get to move back someday because it’s truly an amazing place to live, (as you would know)! 🙂

    • Thanks Gail, I hope you find a new favorite! We just made the Zucchini Fritters last night and paired it with Guacamole for a change of pace, we loved it so much I’m making it again tonight!

  3. I love your blog! I just shared your No-Bake Triple Berry Crisp recipe with my child care providers on my facebook page! Great recipes with healthy, fresh ingredients! We all need more of this…thank you for sharing! I can’t wait to try your recipes this summer.

    • Thanks so much Jacqueline, I’m so glad you’re inspired by the recipes! Let me know how it goes if you get a chance to make something this summer. 🙂

  4. I love your blog, it’s allot easier to use than some others that are so hard to access. I have a question for you. I have copied the strawberry brownie tart recipe to make for my grandchildren. They LOVE chocolate and berries! My question is can I substitute something for the walnuts in the tart crust? If so what would it be, and how much would I use of the different product. You see my oldest granddaughter has an acute nut allergy so when I bake for her I cannot use nuts. I generally make one item with nuts for those that can eat nuts, and one without for her. I hope you have a solution for me.

    • Thanks so much Suzanne, it’s great to hear that our blog is easy to use (we’re always working on that)! Whenever I’m making a crust for someone with a nut allergy, I use a coconut crust that I developed for my Chocolate Coconut Pie. I did the recipe as a guest post, so the actual recipe lives on her blog and I’m including a link to it! Be sure to let me know how it goes, and if you have anymore questions!

  5. Just came across your website. Looks great.. I was wondering if you would know the nutrition facts for the no-bake choc cookies etc.(various types) I would love to make these. But I kinda follow a Weight Watchers diet. I will be now following your site. Thanks for the great recipes! (A Canadian that lives in B.C. Canada)

    • That’s neat that you live in B.C. – my husband and I were married in Fernie so it’s kind special to us! I don’t have the nutrition facts for my recipes, but I’m currently looking for a good source to implement that into the website for the future. Hope you enjoy the cookies!

    • Thanks Deb! I currently use a 5D Mark iii with a 50mm macro lens for my food photography, a 24-70mm and a 16-35mm wide angle lens for my landscape photos. I started out with a Cannon Rebel xsi with the 50mm macro and 24-70, so that’s the camera I used for my earlier photos. If you’re thinking of purchasing a camera, be sure to budget plenty for your lens because while the camera body is important the ‘glass’ on the front of the camera is probably even more important!

  6. Hi. I stumbled on your website while looking for a recipe for curried spiced cashews. I saw them in a local gourmet market. I bought about 1/2 cup of them (insanely expensive) to see if I liked them…knowing they would be a cinch to make. I have a batch in the oven now and can’t wait to try them later. I look forward to further exploring your website!

    • It always kills me to pay a premium price for something I can easily make at home too! Hope you enjoy them, and let me know how it goes! 🙂

  7. Hi Kari, I stumbled across your website investigating overnight oats in a jar (I think). I was thrilled to see your photo when I clicked on the website! I have been a Whitefish resident for 23+ years (moved there from SE Alaska) & am now very homesick as I have been staying back east caring for my elderly mom. I do look forward to investigating your website – I have always been a “foodie” & enjoy creating fabulous food for loved ones. Enjoy the upcoming winter months! I check the Big Mt webcams daily – they also show WF Lake & Lk McDonald so I feel like I’m still connected to my favorite places. Do you ski? ~Lynn

    • It’s funny, even though I live right in the valley I still check the Glacier Park Webcams way… too often! So neat that you usually live in Whitefish, it’s such a beautiful place to live! I do a little cross-country skiing and snowshoeing whenever we can get out! Love going to Glacier to ski/snowshoe on the weekends. I hope you enjoy the recipes, and let me know what you end up making! 🙂


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