Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

I have so many good things to say about Calgary! Lucky for me, I got to live there for part-time for 4 years during our immigration process. It was great to go there this fall as a tourist on vacation, and we had so much fun revisiting all our favorite places.

Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

When I first came to Calgary, I hated the traffic and the busyness because I’ve always lived in a small town. It didn’t take very long for me to succumb to the charms of the city. Now that we live in Montana, I’ve found that I’m split between both places, longing for the city and country at the same time. I think I’ll always be a country girl at heart, and I can be content with a few city visits a year!

Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

If you’re visiting, I’ve put together a list of fun things to do while in Calgary.

1.  Calgary Stampede – (July 4-13 2014) people come from all over the world for the Calgary Stampede and it’s called the greatest outdoor show on earth. There’s definitely something for everyone: rodeo, chuck wagon races, the grand-stand show, concerts, and so much more! We had a great time when we went, but be prepared to spend some money (especially if you’re used to small town rodeo prices).

2. Spark Science Center – They have feature exhibits, permanent exhibits, and a planetarium – HD Digital Dome Theater where you can watch some really cool science videos.

3. Calgary Zoo – The Calgary Zoo was a lot of fun when we went, and since then they’ve added a penguin exhibit. Right now, some of their exhibits are not up an running due to the massive flooding in Alberta earlier this year. They’re hoping to have everything back in order for 2014. We’d like to visit another time to see the penguins because my husband was part of the construction project there and it would be fun to see the final result.

Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

4. You can take in a professional hockey game at the Saddledome (home of the Calgary Flames) in the Stampede grounds, or a Pro CFL football game at McMahon Stadium (home of the Calgary Stampeders).

5. Stephen Avenue – is a great place to go shopping (providing you have some extra cash). There’s a big range in prices shopping here, from the affordable for me to the ‘in my dreams’. It’s a great place to walk, explore, and most of all eat. Stephen Avenue is home to many of Calgary’s best restaurants.

6. Lina’s Italian Market and Cappucino Bar – We used to live 10 minutes from this place and I miss it so much. It’s chock full of great foodie items for picnics and to take home with you. (I’ll expand more in another post). There is also a German market called Edelweiss Imports that’s tons of fun as well and all kinds of Asian Markets, the biggest is called T & T.

Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

7. Chinatown – Calgary’s Chinatown is small, but it’s home of some of my favorite snacks including the best Vietnamese Sub sandwich I’ve ever had!

8. Cross Iron Mills Shopping Center and Bass Pro Shop – this shopping center is located just north of Calgary and it’s massive!

9. Chinook Shopping Center – this shopping center is located right in Calgary and has some pretty good shopping.

10. Epcor Center – this performing arts center has all kinds of events going on – check for a list of events when you’re coming to town!

Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!      Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll take you through some of my favorite spots in Calgary before heading into the Banff hiking.

Whats your favorite city right now?

6 Comments on “Calgary”

  1. It was a great photo tour. Wish I had the chance to see more of it when you were there & I came for a visit.

  2. Amazing photos! Hi-def? Miss visiting, shopping and eating in Calgary, I’m hungry just thinking about it.

    1. Yeah, we just started HDR photos for the adventure posts through the winter. You’ll be really hungry next week when I post a picture of Thi Thi Vietnamese Subs!

  3. Looks awesome!

    I feel like every big city has a zoo. Is that a quiet, non specific requirement? As a rule, I hate zoos because I feel bad for the animals, but St. Louis was redemptive because it was free 🙂

    And I’m so jealous that you’re going to Banff. If the military hadn’t gotten in my way, that’s where I would have honeymooned. Pffft!

    1. Banff is definitely amazing, but you have to be willing to deal with the crowds! If you get to go sometime, try to go in the fall – it’s gorgeous with all the fall color and snow dusted mountains and there’s way less people.

      Someday, we’re going to go see these animals in the wild for the ‘full’ experience 🙂

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