Bald Hills in Jasper National Park

Bald Hills in Jasper National Park | Get Inspired Everyday!
This view is the #1 reason we decided to hike the Bald Hills in Jasper National Park. Once you get to the top, you overlook the whole valley holding Maligne Lake. The colors of both the mountains and lake are absolutely stunning. As gorgeous as this view is, I still don't entirely recommend this hike depending on your particular trip ... Read More

Cavell Meadows Trail

Cavell Meadows Trail | Get Inspired Everyday!
We had the most magical morning for the Cavell Meadows Hike. The clouds were lifting between storms, and everywhere you looked the views were like a fairy tail. We tried to do this hike several years ago, but due to bad weather we didn't make it. The trail is often closed until the first part of July to protect the ... Read More

Jasper and Miette Hot Springs

Jasper and Miette Hot Springs | Get Inspired Everyday!
The town of Jasper marks the top of the Icefields Drive that we started many posts back in Banff! It takes about 5 hours to get from Banff to Jasper, and you'll want to stop every 2 seconds because the views are truly amazing! We spent a couple of days in the Jasper area where the weather wasn't in our ... Read More

Athabasca Glacier Trek

Athabasca Glacier Trek | Get Inspired Everyday!
The Athabasca Glacier Trek was definitely a highlight of our trip into the Canadian Icefields! We're not much for tours, but we also know when we're in over our head! We don't know the first thing about navigating on a glacier, so we signed ourselves up for the guided trek up into the heart of the glacier. The view in ... Read More

Parker’s Ridge

Parker's Ridge | Get Inspired Everyday!
Parker's Ridge is probably the best short hike I've ever been on, with snow-capped peaks and views of the massive Saskatchewan glacier! I'm guessing it was a little extra awesome because we were there in the late fall when the combination of fall colors, and fresh snowfall is particularly stunning. It also helps to do this hike off-season if possible, ... Read More

Icefields Parkway Drive Part 2

Icefields Parkway Drive Part 2 | Get Inspired Everyday!

In the Icefields Parkway Drive Part 1, we left off halfway through at Saskatchewan River Crossing. As you head on in your journey, keep a lookout to your right for the weeping wall, it’s enormous and very impressive! You’ll climb some elevation into the Athabasca Glacier region, and it’s here the views get serious. You will definitely need to stop … Read More