Traveling Tips for Eating Gluten Free in Iceland

Traveling Tips for Eating Gluten Free in Iceland | Get Inspired Everyday!

We’ve had so many requests about how we eat when we’re traveling. And so today I’m taking you on a journey through what we ate while on the road in Iceland! (Skip straight to the bottom for a list of things we made on the trip.)

Adventures in Missoula Montana

Adventures in Missoula Montana | Get Inspired Everyday!
Our weekend in Missoula really didn't start off as an adventure, but Missoula is such a cool town that a great long weekend just sort of evolved! Our reason for being in Missoula was 100% mundane - we were there to get an oil change on our car and a routine service inspection... not what you'd usually call an adventure! ... Read More

Banff National Park

Banff National Park | Get Inspired Everyday!

  Location: Banff, Alberta – Cananda Aprrox. 129 Kilometers / 80 Miles or 1.5 Hours Drive From Downtown Calgary Overview Map Of BanffBanff National Park is more beautiful every time I see it! This trip, we spent 6 days in and around the Banff area, and it was a total blast. There’s endless hiking, and not just any hiking – … Read More


Canmore | Get Inspired Everyday!

Location: Canmore, Alberta – Cananda Aprrox. 105 Kilometers / 65 Miles or 1 Hour Drive From Downtown Calgary Overview Map Of Canmore We’ve spent a few weekends in and around Canmore over the last few years, and it’s always a blast. Canmore is situated halfway between Calgary and Banff, which made it a convenient getaway for us. There’s a whole … Read More

Lina’s Italian Market – Calgary

Lina's Italian Market - Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

Lina’s Italian Market is a great specialty market, and I used to live just 10 minutes away! As you can imagine, they saw quite a bit of me over the last 4 years that we lived in Calgary. With so many options and great food, I’m glad I’ve been able to sample quite a bit of it over time. Since … Read More

Basil Vietnamese Cuisine – Calgary

Basil Vietnamese Cuisine - Calgary | Get Inspired Everyday!

My love of Vietnamese food started in San Francisco where I experienced the wonders of Vietnamese Yellow Curry (totally different and equally as good as Thai Yellow Curry). But… then I came home to my small town where you couldn’t buy any kind of curry paste from the grocery store at that time. I delved into cookbooks and made a … Read More