Hurricane Hill in Olympic National Park

Hurricane Hill in Olympic National Park | Get Inspired Everyday!
We started the day off for this hike completely in the fog, with absolutely no views. However we started anyways because you just never know. And as it would happen, we totally lucked out! The Olympic National Park is much different than our normal stomping ground of Glacier National Park. But one thing you should know is it hold it's ... Read More


Seattle | Get Inspired Everyday!

Seattle is a city too big for just one post, but we’ll hit some of the highlights. I think I’m partial to cities that border the ocean. There is just something vibrant and bustling about a waterfront city.

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier | Get Inspired Everyday!

Mount Rainier is one of the world’s biggest volcanos. It stands alone at 14,410 feet, almost 3 miles, and it’s the tallest peak in the Cascade range. We took a day hike, got a little carried away, and ended up just below Camp Muir at 10,080 feet! This mountain is a technical summit and requires proper gear/guidance and permits, to … Read More