Delta Lake in Grand Teton National Park

Hiker standing on a rock overlooking Delta Lake with the mountain peaks in the distance.

Delta Lake in Grand Teton National Park definitely doesn’t disappoint! The turquoise lake is colored by glacial silt, and is even more beautiful in person. Pictures can’t do this place justice and the hike in is quite scenic too. Below you’ll find all the facts plus the story of our one perfect day in the Teton’s as well. This hike used to be a hidden gem, but is now quite popular as you might imagine, so definitely expect to share the trail!

Delta Lake in Grand Teton National Park with a man with an orange backpack sitting on a rock looking at the glacial turquoise lake with snow dotting the mountains behind the lake.

We started our one and only day in the Tetons in a small gravel parking lot just south of Yellowstone National Park. We had spent some wonderful days up in the Beartooth Pass area and wanted to see Grand Teton National Park. Our ‘vacation’ was just a break between one construction job ending for Tyler, and another beginning. So the amount of time we had was unknown.

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