Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece

The idea for this centerpiece comes from my Mother-in-law. She has a couple of them, and her house always smells amazing! After spending some time with them lately, it was just the inspiration I needed to finally make one for myself. Her centerpiece is made with hazelnut coffee beans, which smell really delicious. I had a dark roast from Guatemala … Read More

Crypt Lake

The hike to Crypt Lake starts with a 15 minute boat ride across Waterton Lake to the trail head. The trail climbs 2,300 feet through the trees into awe-inspiring views of the surrounding peaks. Crypt Lake alone is worth the hike because it’s incredibly stunning, but the hike also has many points of interest along the way.

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

The strawberries are finally ripe in our garden! I wait all year long for these couple of weeks, and then it’s strawberries for every meal of the day! Today we’re combining two of my favorite desserts – cheesecake and strawberries. In these hot days of summer, ice cream seems to be just the thing I’m craving. Cheesecake ice cream gives … Read More

Soothing Calendula and Greek Yogurt Mask

I use this mask to soothe and soften my skin, especially after a day hiking in the sun. It’s particularly effective to even out my skin tone. Calendula is known to help heal your skin, so it makes for the perfect beauty treatment! Our skin protects us from outside forces. It faces the challenges of humidity, sun, dirt, and so … Read More