Bear’s Hump Overlooking Waterton Lakes

Location: Waterton Lakes National Park – Alberta, Canada Destination: Bear’s Hump Distance: 1.8 Miles / 2.8 Kilometers round-trip from the parking lot Elevation Gain: 656 feet / 200 Meters Difficulty: Short Easy Hike – Great hike for families with children | Class 1 – Hiking with a low chance of injury Click here for an overview map of the trail. … Read More

Chocolate Ripple Coconut Ice Cream with Raspberries

This ice cream is based off the Italian gelato, Stracciatella (meaning torn apart), which features chocolate shavings surrounded by a creamy vanilla ice cream. Over the years I’ve gotten lazy about grating chocolate, and I’ve started melting it instead. As a side note, have you ever tried to grate chocolate? – messy, sticky, melting, -nightmare!

Kallari Chocolate

Today, we’re going to take a moment to talk about chocolate (because chocolate is a lifestyle)! A few weeks ago, I received the best news any chocolate lover can receive – a chocolate company called Kallari (pronounced kai YAH ri) was going to send me some of their chocolate to sample!!! As you might imagine, this not only made my … Read More

Red Rock Canyon

Location: Waterton Lakes National Park - Alberta, Canada Destination: Red Rock Canyon Distance: About 11.5 miles / 18.5 Kilometers drive from Waterton Lakes National Park North Entrace to Red Rock Canyon Parking Lot. About .5 mile / .8 Kilometers to hike around the scenic trail. Difficulty: Very easy hike around the scenic trail Click here for driving directions from within ... Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies

I was a late comer to the green smoothie world, and by late, I mean YEARS!!! I’ve been seeing recipes for them here and there and I’ll have to say, I was more than a little skeptical. Once I finally took the plunge, I was hooked.

Creamy Chocolate Coconut Pie

Today, I’m guest posting over at Empowered Sustenance with this Creamy Chocolate Coconut Pie. It can be served either chilled or frozen and it’s completely delicious! It’s deep chocolate flavor mixed with the creamy coconut makes it most irresistible when combined with a chewy coconut crust!

Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Grilling the pineapple caramelizes the edges, making a most delicious salsa! We have tons of cilantro in the garden right now, so we’re eating lots of Mexican inspired dishes. Really fresh cilantro has at least twice as much flavor, so I would encourage you to seek it out from a local farmers market or grow some in your flower beds … Read More

Mount Reynolds – The Dragon’s Tail

Location: Glacier National Park – Montana, U.S.A. Destination: Dragon’s Tail Summit Off Mount Reynolds Distance: About 8.1 miles round-trip from Logan’s Pass Visitor Center Difficulty: Moderate Hike / Scramble | Class 1 and 2 – Lots of exposure after you pass the Southwest corner of Mount Reynolds. Route finding can be difficult at points. Class 3 climbing with exposure to … Read More

Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad is my all-time favorite salad! I love it so much, that I’m working on variations for all seasons! Tomatoes only come to vine-ripened perfection for a number of weeks, so… we’ll need to get creative when Fall arrives. Right now, we’re eating tomatoes everyday through September and if we’re lucky, right into October.