Maybe on Monday…

Maybe on Monday… how many times have I said that? My husband has heard it so many times, he thought it would make a good title for a post, and I totally agree. I love the thought of turning an excuse to put things off, into a project to accomplish some changes and make some better habits.

Holiday Detox Smoothie

What’s your secret? I hear this question a lot during the holidays from people wanting to know how I can indulge without gaining lots of weight, or feel sick from eating way too much rich food. So… I’ll let you in on the secret: I eat light meals in between the heavier ones. It’s so simple that it’s not really … Read More

Roasted Butternut & Kale Breakfast Wraps

This is the kind of weekend breakfast that makes me smile. There’s something so comforting about a leisurely breakfast at the end of the week, where I can linger over a second cup of coffee and contemplate my upcoming food adventures. Caramelized roasted veggies are sauced with over-easy eggs, and topped off with aged cheddar, avocado and Greek yogurt!

Pumpkin Spice Cranberry No-Bake Cookies

I’ve been experimenting with the basic No-Bake Cookies recipe, and we’ve had, (eaten) so many fun results! I made this Pumpkin Spice version for Kimi at the Nourishing Gourmet and you can head over to her website for the recipe. These are the moistest no-bakes I’ve ever made and I have to tell you, they’re so good with coffee (sometimes … Read More

Grotto Mountain

Grotto Mountain is a stunning hike just outside Canmore, Alberta! You start off in the trees, but quickly gain elevation into rockier territory. From there, you follow a ridge to the top, with jaw-dropping views the whole way!

Pomegranates 101

I have a confession….. I’ve never de-seeded a pomegranate until recently! I love their crunchy, juicy sweetness in salads, desserts, and even curries, but I never buy them because they seem like so much work. I saw this video on Life Hacker about how-to de-seed a pomegranate in 10 seconds, and I thought ‘now that’s something I can handle’.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Mousse

Today, I’m guest posting for Heather Dessinger from Mommypotomus. Her site is devoted to healthy eating, green cleaning, and natural parenting. It’s a great, well rounded site chock full of great information, tips, and recipes. When I first went on her site, I found myself lost for hours reading one great post after the next!

Country Sausage Gravy over Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sausage Gravy over homemade biscuits was a typical weekend or holiday breakfast growing up. Long before I started limiting my wheat intake, I stopped eating this deliciousness because I would always get a stomachache. Now, it’s back with a makeover for healthier Sausage Gravy over Roasted Sweet Potatoes. There are definitely some things that you just can’t replace, but lucky … Read More

Mount Lawrence Grassi

Location: Near Canmore, AB, Canada Destination: Summit of Mount Lawrence Grassi Elevation Gain: 3,500 feet / 1066 Meters Difficulty: Strenuous / Difficult Day Hike | Classes 1,2,3 – Most of the hike is very steep with repeated brief periods of exposure. Route-finding is difficult at times. Experienced scramblers recommendedThe views from Mount Lawrence Grassi are breathtaking, with Kananaskis to the … Read More