Chocolate Chunk Cookie Bars

Some days, chocolate chip/chunk cookies are more of a requirement than anything else! So why bars instead of cookies? I’m so glad you asked: bars are so much faster than cookies because they bake all at once – no running out to the kitchen every 8 minutes to put another cookie sheet in the oven!

Pineapple Skin Smoothing Body Treatment

This is the fastest skin smoothing treatment I’ve ever used! It works quickly because of the high concentration of enzymes that exfoliate your skin into extreme softness! It came about as a continuation from my DIY Homemade Pineapple Facial. I loved the awesome results I was getting from pineapple on my face, and my Sugar Scrub isn’t always enough to … Read More

Honey Garlic Chicken & Broccoli Stir-Fry

This stir-fry was inspired by my husband’s favorite flavor of chicken wings – honey garlic. And… since he has a never ending craving for said wings, I decided to come up with a dinner version, (complete with vegetables)! It has all the great sweet & savory flavors of the classic wings combined into an easy, 30-minute dinner that’s perfect for … Read More

Skin Smoothing Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

Carrot apple ginger juice is the best thing that’s ever happened to my skin! It’s filled with Vitamin A (the #1 beauty vitamin), and when I drink it regularly, my skin becomes smoother and more even toned. But… it’s much more than just a surface fix, our skin reflects our overall health, so glowing skin is a good indicator things … Read More

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Mousse

Chocolate Covered Strawberries are hard to beat! They’re easy to make, and the combination is a classic. We had hundreds of them at out wedding reception and they disappeared in no time. Since strawberries are one of those elusive summer fruits, (here today and gone tomorrow it seems), I’ve come up with a wintertime dessert that makes use of frozen … Read More