Raspberry Sherbet Chia Pudding

Raspberry Sherbet was always my favorite flavor, orange or even lime were good, but raspberry has always had the edge for me! This recipe started off simply as raspberry chia pudding because my husband is partial to raspberries. But... when I had the first bite, it took me back to my sherbet days, and there was an immediate title change. ... Read More

Fudgy Chocolate Banana Cake

This is a great cake for snacking! Maybe you know the kind of snacking I mean... a mid-afternoon chocolate craving that definitely needs something fudgy! I can usually go without dessert after dinner, but it's because I have crazy sweet tooth round about 3:00 p.m. Enter Fudgy Chocolate Banana Cake, it's healthy enough for breakfast, but fudgy enough for dessert! ... Read More

Parker’s Ridge

Parker's Ridge is probably the best short hike I've ever been on, with snow-capped peaks and views of the massive Saskatchewan glacier! I'm guessing it was a little extra awesome because we were there in the late fall when the combination of fall colors, and fresh snowfall is particularly stunning. It also helps to do this hike off-season if possible, ... Read More

Thai Style Broccoli Salad with Sweet Chili Lime Dressing

This may well be my favorite broccoli salad yet! Probably because of the addicting Southeast Asian flavors. And... what's not to love? Juicy chunks of mango, crunchy bell peppers, and a sweet chili lime dressing topped with toasted cashews. Ever since I made Healthy Broccoli Salad as a remake of the traditional recipe, I've been making variations with the common ... Read More

Mango Madness Smoothie

It's an orange madness around here today! I bought a case of delectable champagne, (ataulfo) mangoes, and they're creeping into everything! If you haven't tried champagne mangoes yet - be sure to look for them. They're less fiberous than regular mangoes and they have an addicting sweet flavor. Quarter and core the apple, then cut it into eights. I used ... Read More

Challenge of the Month – Exercise

I don't know anyone who exercises just for the sake of it. There's always a goal in mind that's the driving force behind being physically fit. For me, it's hiking - I truly love being in the mountains and it's my main motivation in getting back into shape again. Each month this year, I'm challenging myself to do something that ... Read More

Grain Free Raspberry Cake

This recipe is inspired by a raspberry cake that my mom used to make when we were growing up. It was moist, with dots of fresh raspberries, and vanilla frosting. Since fresh raspberries only have a short season, I remade the recipe using frozen raspberries. The raspberries are made into a tart sauce, with a vanilla scented cake, and topped ... Read More

Limesicle Pudding

I’ve had so many requests for my Coconut Lime Ice Cream since last summer, I had to come up with another variation of that flavor combination. My husband even asked for it for his birthday – I’m still a little stunned he didn’t ask for something chocolate! Anyways… back to the pudding, it has the same great coconut lime flavors, … Read More

Icefields Parkway Drive Part 2

In the Icefields Parkway Drive Part 1, we left off halfway through at Saskatchewan River Crossing. As you head on in your journey, keep a lookout to your right for the weeping wall, it’s enormous and very impressive! You’ll climb some elevation into the Athabasca Glacier region, and it’s here the views get serious. You will definitely need to stop … Read More