Limesicle Pudding

I’ve had so many requests for my Coconut Lime Ice Cream since last summer, I had to come up with another variation of that flavor combination. My husband even asked for it for his birthday – I’m still a little stunned he didn’t ask for something chocolate! Anyways… back to the pudding, it has the same great coconut lime flavors, … Read More

Icefields Parkway Drive Part 2

In the Icefields Parkway Drive Part 1, we left off halfway through at Saskatchewan River Crossing. As you head on in your journey, keep a lookout to your right for the weeping wall, it’s enormous and very impressive! You’ll climb some elevation into the Athabasca Glacier region, and it’s here the views get serious. You will definitely need to stop … Read More

Superfood Breakfast Bowls

This is a case where the original Acai bowls travel way up north to Montana, meet huckleberries, and it equals my new favorite breakfast! Acai bowls are becoming wildly popular because of their health benefits – read – packed with nutrition. The basic principle is, Acai smoothie + fresh fruit topped with granola or museli. I loved the idea of … Read More