Buffalo Sweet Potato Burgers with Blue Cheese Slaw

Hot, Sour, Salty, and Sweet - these are the 4 flavors that Asian cuisine is built around, and a fifth is sometimes added into the mix called umami. Each meal is carefully crafted around balancing the different flavors and textures so that the overall meal is satifying. I love this whole concept, and I try to work it into my ... Read More

Thai Slaw with Coconut Mango Dressing

This recipe started with a text message from my sister saying, 'what do you think about coconut cream as part of the dressing in a slaw'? To which I responded, 'how does Thai Slaw with Coconut Mango Dressing sound'? And... with that I was off and running, straight off the the kitchen where some perfectly ripe Champagne mangos were begging ... Read More

The Ultimate Whipped Cream

Calling anything 'Ultimate' is a bold statement to stay the least! But... I feel like I can indulge this seemingly arrogant statement because the secret to this whipped cream wasn't my idea. Since the genius came from another, I feel like I can tell you without a doubt that this whipped cream is most definitely the best whipped cream! It ... Read More

Old Faithful Geyser Loop Trail

The Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park is probably the most famous geyser in the world! What I never knew before traveling there, is there is an entire network of boardwalk trails running in a loop (of sorts) all through this area which is called the Upper Geyser Basin. It's a small area with the highest concentration of geysers ... Read More

Vietnamese Summer Roll Bowls

Summer Rolls are wildly popular for a reason, they're amazingly fresh yet ultimately satisfying at the same time. They're low in calories, but taste like something you need in your life every single day. Even with all of that being said, the last time I actually made Summer Rolls at home was probably around 4 years ago. The whole reason ... Read More

Green Smoothie Breakfast Bowls

It's no secret that I'm a completely addicted to Acai Bowls, so it's only natural that the progression of this addiction would lead me towards smoothie bowls of all sorts of flavors. We drink green smoothies almost everyday, so it's nice to change it up a bit by putting the smoothie in a bowl, and adding loads of delicious toppings. ... Read More

Paleo Burrito Bowls with Mango Salsa

I can't think of a time when I'm not craving Mexican food, it seems to suit every mood and every season effortlessly! Soon we'll be diving headfirst into tomato season with homemade salsa, but right now there's another star on the market - Champagne mangos. They're the kind of mangos you see with yellow skin, and they taste like no ... Read More

Adventures in Missoula Montana

Our weekend in Missoula really didn't start off as an adventure, but Missoula is such a cool town that a great long weekend just sort of evolved! Our reason for being in Missoula was 100% mundane - we were there to get an oil change on our car and a routine service inspection... not what you'd usually call an adventure! ... Read More

Mango Blackberry Smoothie

My love of blackberries didn't blossom until we took a trip to Oregon during blackberry season! I went from thinking they were alright to a full fledged addiction in just 1 berry, and that's really not an exaggeration! Blackberries don't grow in Montana, so every blackberry we see here is imported, and they're often on the sour, unripe side. But... vine ... Read More