Vanilla Bean Glazed Honey Cake Doughnuts

It's no secret that I'm a huge chocolate fan, it would seem that the chocolate fanaticism is genetically passed down in my family, (just kidding... but seriously)! But weirdly enough I'm an equally enthusiastic fan of anything vanilla. There's nothing quite like a buttery-tender cake heavily scented with vanilla, and when you pair that with a cup of coffee, you've ... Read More

Snyder Lake in Glacier National Park

Snyder Lake in Glacier National Park is a great option for the spring and fall seasons when the Going to the Sun Road is closed at the Lake McDonald Lodge. There aren't a ton of options when the road is closed, and this makes for a great hike that's not as long as other hikes in this area. I'm not ... Read More

Kung Pao Chicken Zucchini Noodles

Kung Pao Chicken has been my favorite stir fry since childhood, and it's one of those favorites I've never grown tired of. You know how sometimes you can overdo it on something you really love and then have to put it aside for awhile? I don't think that's even remotely possible with Kung Pao Chicken, my love of this stuff ... Read More

Coconut Quinoa with Pomegranates and Cilantro

I like making coconut rice to accompany my Indian curries, but just recently I tried it with quinoa instead for a protein packed whole foods option, and you know what? it was really good! I added in pomegranate arils and chopped fresh cilantro because it was the perfect flavor pairing for the dishes I  was making, but you could always ... Read More

20 Recipes for Fall Comfort Food

Fall has always been my favorite season for so many reasons, you can't help but love the ideal temperatures and amazing fall colors. Then there's the element of comfort food that comes into play when the blazing hot temperatures of summer finally subside. The house starts to smell of wonderful foods simmering away - Sweet Potato Turkey Chili in the ... Read More

Persian Roasted Veggies

One of my favorite things about fall is my desire to turn the oven on and start roasting and baking everything in sight! After an extra hot and really smoky summer, (from all the forest fires) the cool crisp mornings and beautiful fall colors are more than welcome. Roasted veggies are a real staple in our house most months out ... Read More

Pumpkin Spice Pancake Syrup

I just spent most of an entire day planning out our trip to Zion National Park, and I feel like I just skimmed the surface, (i.e. I'm feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of amazing things to see in Utah)! So just to make it official, I'm now accepting all suggestions about what to do and see, specifically in Zion ... Read More

Roasted Red Pepper Sausage Polenta Pizza

Pizza is probably my all time favorite food, I say 'probably' because who can choose just one favorite? And what's not to love with a crust filled with a variety of toppings and gooey, melty cheese! We started a tradition a number of years ago where we would hike in the mountains of Kananaskis or Banff National Park, Alberta. Then ... Read More

Caramelized Roasted Fig Spinach Salad

This recipe started with another impulse buy at the grocery store, I saw these beautifully plump figs just bursting at the seems, and I thought 'those are definitely coming home with me'! They caramelized so beautifully while roasting in the oven with the butternut that I almost put them on a bowl of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, but I persevered ... Read More