Cinnamon Crunch Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl

This decadent breakfast bowl has all the comfort of homemade apple pie paired with the fresh tasting flavor of smoothie bowls. Cinnamon scented tart green apple makes up the base, and then we go crazy with the toppings adding crunchy cinnamon nut granola, seeds, fruit, and a drizzle of yogurt. It's very creamy and tastes like a cross between a ... Read More

Rustic Italian Sausage Pasta with Broccoli Rabe

I love rustic pasta dishes - you know the kind of dish where it's nothing fancy, super easy to make, and is all kinds of comforting!?! This pasta dish perfectly fits into all those categories, and we make something along these lines at least once a week. Simple veggie filled pastas are one of my favorite ways to get dinner ... Read More

Snickerdoodle Energy Bars

Snickerdoodle energy bars are only available seasonally, but since I love making my own bars, I decided that we needed them year round! We bought an entire box of snickerdoodle Lara bars for our trip to Utah late last fall. Store bought energy bars are nice from a convenience standpoint (especially on a road trip) but homemade always taste 1,000x ... Read More

Chicken Zucchini Noodle Ramen

I didn't have my first bowl of real ramen until I was well into my twenties. Even though ramen has been really popular for awhile, there still isn't anywhere local here in Montana where you can get a bowl. I had my first bowl at a little place in Calgary where they make the best tempura I've ever had - ... Read More

Angels Landing in Zion National Park

Angels Landing is a heart stopper for some, and a crazy good adventure for others. My goal today is to help you decided which one you are before you embark on this hike! I just want to say right off that doing this hike as well as any kind of outdoor activity is always undertaken at your own risk. I ... Read More

Paleo Granola Dust

This granola dust is a bit of a departure from the original Jamie Oliver version because there's no oats in sight. He originally developed his recipe as a super food replacement for sugar laden cereals, and a good start to the day. I don't know if you've been caught up in the granola dust craze yet but there's a lot ... Read More

Rainbow Veggie Dragon Noodles

I came across Dragon Noodles on Pinterest, and was immediately intrigued by the name. That and the fact that I have an absolute weakness for any Asian noodle recipe ever made! So I clicked over to Budget Bytes and after taking one look at the sauce for these noodles, I knew they were going to become a new favorite in ... Read More

30 Days of Yoga and Green Smoothies

For January I made 2 really big (for me) resolutions - the first is that I was going to drink a green smoothie everyday without exception, and the second was that I signed up for 30 days of Yoga Camp with Adrienne. One of my biggest hurdles in life is undoubtedly consistency. In the children's story of the tortoise and ... Read More

Berry Green Smoothie

I started making this smoothie after we had something similar at great coffee house (Deep Creek Coffee Company) we visited during our trip in Southern Utah. If there's one thing I crave more than anything else while traveling, it's fresh fruits and veggies (which always seem to be scarce)! Luckily for us, this particular coffee house offered some really great freshly ... Read More