Meatball Sub Stuffed Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

I'm sitting here in a Coffee Shop in Whitefish Montana trying to tell you about these sweet potatoes when all of a sudden I'm interrupted by a stranger coming up to my table. He looks me right in the eye and tells me I have very hairy legs... my brain just sort of freezes and I look at him with ... Read More

Golden Milk Tropical Turmeric Smoothie

I've been into all things tropical during the last couple months. I think it's because winter is starting to feel extra long, and I just can't wait to feel the warm sun on my face again! I thought I might get a little reprieve when I went to California to work for a week, but they had unusually cold weather, ... Read More

Rustic Italian Style Sausage Sweet Potato Noodles

We've been making these Rustic Italian Sweet Potato Noodles a lot over the last year. But somehow I've just never written down the recipe before, probably because it barely qualifies as a recipe, it's more like an outline. You can easily change up which type of sausage you use/change up the greens/and use different seasonings. Everyone who tastes this dish ... Read More

Mount Brown in Glacier National Park

We were lucky enough to have an extra long hiking season, and we climbed mountains right into November of last year which is pretty much unheard of! Around here you're usually relegated to skis or snowshoes by October, but we definitely enjoyed the extra long fall season. It feels like forever and a day since we've stood on top of ... Read More

Western Omelet Waffles

I think the secret to eating healthy lies in getting creative with your favorite flavors. I'm sure I'm not alone in not being able to eat a boneless skinless chicken breast with steamed veggies... right? Flavor is where it's at, and for me avoiding boredom is helpful too. Enter egg waffles, I first saw the concept done by one of ... Read More