Aloe Vera Sunburn Soother

Whenever I’ve ended up getting a bit too much sun, aloe vera is always my go-to. It’s so refreshing and hydrating, not to mention it has wonderful properties to help restore your skin.

Caprese Dinner Salad with Grilled Chicken and Pesto Dressing

This Caprese Dinner Salad with Grilled Chicken and Pesto Dressing is perfect for the best of summer produce. And there’s no need to heat up the house because it’s all done fresh and on the grill! We love making huge dinner salads in the summer and it would seem you do too! Today’s recipe came about from lots of requests … Read More

Grain Free Flag Cake

This Grain Free Flag Cake is gluten free as well and so easy to make. It’s perfect for summer and of course for 4th of July! Even though this has the 4th of July written all over it, it’s really the perfect cake for all sorts of picnics and summer gatherings. Of course if you want to make it for … Read More

Paleo Fish and Chips

This Paleo Fish and Chips has a shatteringly crisp batter that’s perfect dipped into a homemade tartar sauce – pair it all with home fries and you have some serious comfort food made completely gluten free! Fish and chips has always been one of my most favorite things. And while I know I say so many things are my favorites, … Read More

The Highline Trail in Banff National Park

The Highline Trail in Banff National Park offers extra options to either the Plain of 6 Glaciers or the Lake Agnes Teahouse Hike. There’s a bit of conflicting information out there about the Highline Trail in Banff National Park. So hopefully we’ll be able to clear some of that up today! The route we ended up going through only took … Read More