Tonquin Trail Beach Hike

We hiked Tonquin Trail Beach Hike on a quite afternoon and loved spending a few hours on this small but gorgeous beach! The Tonquin Trail Beach Hike is tailor made for a relaxing day. It’s not far from the town of Tofino on Vancouver Island and it’s nice and easy. This hike is actually part of a network of trails … Read More

A Traveling Guide to Victoria, Vancouver Island

We absolutely loved both our visits to Victoria, and I feel like I could go on forever about this quaint city. It's situated right on the water, and it's simply stunning. There's lots of places to visit and even more great places to eat at. So you'll have a hard time narrowing it down when you visit. The Butchart Gardens ... Read More

Iceline Trail in Yoho National Park

The Iceline Trail in Yoho National Park is such a fantastic hike, it's hard to know where to even begin! We wanted to get in to see the famous Lake O'Hara, and do some of the hikes in that area, but as you might know that area is difficult to get in to. We tried to see if we could ... Read More

Schooner Cove Trail in Pacific Rim National Park

The day we we explored Schooner Cove in Pacific Rim National Park started off pretty crazy! We ended up camping the night before in the back woods hippie/free roamer's camp and it was a long night to say the least. (You can read the whole story on Instagram, starting here with Part 1, then Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, ... Read More

Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park

There are certain experiences in life that stand out in vivid memory, and the day we hiked Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park was just such a day. Everything lined up perfectly with amazing weather, great food, awesome company, and scenery that just wouldn't quit. We started the day early with coffee and breakfast while watching and listening to the ... Read More

Meares Island Sea Kayaking Adventure

We've been wanting to go sea kayaking for a while, so it seemed like the natural thing to do when we finally made it to the ocean on our road trip. We decided to just take our iPhones along on our Meares Island Sea Kayaking Adventure because we wanted to enjoy the day without spending every single second freaking out ... Read More

Lighthouse Loop Hike, Vancouver Island

The Lighthouse Loop Hike takes off from Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, and it's just as beautiful as everyone says! It shares part of it's trail with the famous Wild Pacific Trail which we'll be talking about very soon as well. The trail starts off through the trees, and it's so dense you start to get rainforest vibes right away. But it's ... Read More

A Traveling Guide to Tofino, Vancouver Island

Tofino will take your breath away and steal your heart! Really... it's inevitable that you will fall in love with this beautiful place, and want to stay way longer than your vacation days allow. There is a certain indefinable quality about life in a coastal town that's perfect for slowing down, and enjoying the simple things in life again. We ... Read More