Lemon Nail Whitening

I use lemons in my kitchen for cooking almost everyday. I really enjoy half a lemon squeezed into my water. Needless to say, there are juiced rinds of lemons around almost everyday and it is the best thing that ever happened to my nails.

Baby Gift

Gift giving isn’t always a strong point for me. I like gifts that are thoughtful and creative, something that often eludes me. However, this time a good friend of mine just had a baby girl and I wanted it to be something homemade for the mother and baby.

Easiest Sugar Scrub

This truly is the easiest sugar scrub, it is just two ingredients. You can add essential oils for scent but it smells delicious on its own. The sweet coconut smell makes me think of the tropics.

Candle Centerpiece

This centerpiece came about entirely by accident. I am not the most organized when we entertain, my whole focus revolves around the food, and more often than not I can’t seem to remember to put napkins on the table.