Chocolate Covered Holidays

Chocolate is definitely the preferred flavor at our family get togethers! I mean... there's the usual apple, pumpkin, pecan trio but it's always the chocolate desserts that disappear first! The Death By Chocolate in the above photo is probably the most popular dessert request I get right now for birthdays and holidays. I was first introduced to it by my ... Read More

How to Cook Pasta (Like a Boss)

I'm just joking a bit with the title of today's post, but in all seriousness I hope you gain lots of tips and tricks to make cooking pasta (and gluten free pasta) so much easier (and tastier)! I don't have a ton of restaurant experience, but I did learn several things that have revolutionized the way I cook, (especially how ... Read More

20 Ways to Love Fall

Fall is hands down, my favorite season! Even so, when the leaves first start to turn and there's a chill in the air, I get a bit grumpy. Something about the end of summer makes it really hard to embrace fall, and I'm always dragging my feet because winter around here is like 8....months.....long....! I'm only exaggerating about the winter ... Read More

Sunflower Seed Scrub

This Sunflower Seed Scrub is one of the only scrubs I can use on my face without causing irritation! It's not my original idea by any means, in fact I've seen it in every DIY product book I've ever picked up! It's super simple, and can be made in minutes with a food processor or blender. My favorite thing about ... Read More

Springtime Strawberry Spa Water

This Springtime Strawberry Spa Water is so easy to make. It’s also perfect for reluctant water drinkers because it’s so flavorful! Is spa water worth the trouble… as it turns out, yes it is! I’ve never taken the time to find out what the fuss was about until last week when I had 4 strawberries left alone in their big … Read More