Traveling Tips for Eating Gluten Free in Iceland

We’ve had so many requests about how we eat when we’re traveling. And so today I’m taking you on a journey through what we ate while on the road in Iceland! (Skip straight to the bottom for a list of things we made on the trip.)

Adventures in Missoula Montana

Our weekend in Missoula really didn't start off as an adventure, but Missoula is such a cool town that a great long weekend just sort of evolved! Our reason for being in Missoula was 100% mundane - we were there to get an oil change on our car and a routine service inspection... not what you'd usually call an adventure! ... Read More

Banff National Park

  Location: Banff, Alberta – Cananda Aprrox. 129 Kilometers / 80 Miles or 1.5 Hours Drive From Downtown Calgary Overview Map Of BanffBanff National Park is more beautiful every time I see it! This trip, we spent 6 days in and around the Banff area, and it was a total blast. There’s endless hiking, and not just any hiking – … Read More


Location: Canmore, Alberta – Cananda Aprrox. 105 Kilometers / 65 Miles or 1 Hour Drive From Downtown Calgary Overview Map Of Canmore We’ve spent a few weekends in and around Canmore over the last few years, and it’s always a blast. Canmore is situated halfway between Calgary and Banff, which made it a convenient getaway for us. There’s a whole … Read More

Lina’s Italian Market – Calgary

Lina’s Italian Market is a great specialty market, and I used to live just 10 minutes away! As you can imagine, they saw quite a bit of me over the last 4 years that we lived in Calgary. With so many options and great food, I’m glad I’ve been able to sample quite a bit of it over time. Since … Read More

Basil Vietnamese Cuisine – Calgary

My love of Vietnamese food started in San Francisco where I experienced the wonders of Vietnamese Yellow Curry (totally different and equally as good as Thai Yellow Curry). But… then I came home to my small town where you couldn’t buy any kind of curry paste from the grocery store at that time. I delved into cookbooks and made a … Read More

Mountain Mexican Adventure

We went out for dinner last night at Pescado Blanco, Mountain Mexican Cuisine in Whitefish, Montana. If you ever come to ski Whitefish Mountain Resort (Big Mountain), you should check it out. I almost always get the fish special, (pictured above) because they are just so good. Tyler’s favorite is the Super Burrito. One time we got one for take-out and it weighed in at 4 pounds!