5 Ways to Use Up Large Amounts of Zucchini

Every summer there’s always a point where the amount of zucchini coming out of your garden and farmers market is abundant! So I’ve put together my 5 Ways to Use Up Large Amounts of Zucchini with tons of recipes to get you started in the kitchen. If you’ve ever planted several zucchini plants in your garden, you might have the … Read More

How To Maintain Living Herbs

I’ve put together all my tips and tricks in this Guide for How To Maintain Living Herbs for months at a time! I started buying living herbs from the grocery store about a year ago. They’re a great way to have more fresh herbs available without so much waste. It seems every time I buy a package of basil, it … Read More

Squash Varieties 101

Winter Squashes are a great source of complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and they’re loaded with vitamins and minerals! They’re a great source of Vitamin A and C, several of the B vitamins, iron, beta carotene, and Omega 3 fatty acids – who knew? That being said, I’ve never been a squash fan until recently. So what’s changed you might ask? … Read More