Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park

Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park is standby for us each year. It’s one of the first trails to open every spring, and one of the last to close in the late fall. We tend to visit this lake at least twice a year and it’s just as gorgeous every single time.

Huckleberry Lookout in Glacier National Park

Maybe it’s because Tyler and I hadn’t been out hiking together in over 10 months, or maybe it was the golden larches. But in whatever it was this day was magical! We choose to hike Huckleberry Lookout specifically because it’s located in the midst of larch country.

Otokomi Lake in Glacier National Park

Otokomi Lake in Glacier National Park is a less traveled trail, often overlooked in favor of the classics. However I personally love this trail. So much so that I hesitated for over a year to even write about it. After all, it’s kind of nice to hike on less known and less travelled trails.

Mount Brown in Glacier National Park

We were lucky enough to have an extra long hiking season, and we climbed mountains right into November of last year which is pretty much unheard of! Around here you're usually relegated to skis or snowshoes by October, but we definitely enjoyed the extra long fall season. It feels like forever and a day since we've stood on top of ... Read More

Scenic Point in Glacier National Park

We couldn't have asked for a better day to hike Scenic Point in the Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park. Even though I've spent tons of time in Glacier, somehow I've never hiked in the Two Medicine region before. Many people come to Glacier every year, but only a few go out of their way to reach the Two ... Read More

Lunch Creek in Glacier National Park

I've lived my whole life in Montana, visiting Glacier National Park countless times, but it was only this last summer that I finally stopped in the Lunch Creek area, (located just after Logan's Pass on the east side). The reason for this is simple, there isn't an official trail at Lunch Creek, but this year we explored this area in ... Read More

Top 10 Tips for Visiting Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is spread out over 3 main regions, and there is so much to see that you're going to want to pack as much adventure as possible into your trip! After visiting Yellowstone National Park, I wrote about my Top 10 Tips for Visiting based off all of our experiences. Since then so many people have wrote to ... Read More

Happy Holidays from Glacier National Park 2015

Time has really flown since I wrote last year's Happy Holidays from Glacier. So much has changed but obviously one thing's the same, and we're still spending good quality time in the mountains during the holiday time off! If you'd like some more info about what's available during Glacier's off season, the link to the 2014 post below will give ... Read More

Snyder Lake in Glacier National Park

Snyder Lake in Glacier National Park is a great option for the spring and fall seasons when the Going to the Sun Road is closed at the Lake McDonald Lodge. There aren't a ton of options when the road is closed, and this makes for a great hike that's not as long as other hikes in this area. I'm not ... Read More