Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park is my favorite ‘first hike of the season’. spring and Fall are my favorite times to hike it because it is one of the most touristed trails in the Park during the summer, and for good reason. It’s fairly short with a round trip of 5 miles, not much elevation gain, and absolutely stunning … Read More

Apgar Winter Hike

Glacier National Park – Apgar Winter Hike In the winter you start by hiking a couple of miles in to reach the trailhead for Apgar Lookout. This makes it a bit of an endeavor in the winter, so today we just went for a few miles, more just to get out than anything else. I love tromping through the glittering … Read More

Sculptures in Ice

We caught this gorgeous sunset on the way back from a hike on Going to the Sun road. The day couldn’t have been anymore spectacular. Perfect blue skies and sunshine are an elusive combination in the Flathead Valley during the winter. You can count yourself lucky if it coincides with your day off.

Sunset in the Mountains

I get mountain fever just seeing these photos. The sunset glow on Mount Vaught and Stanton is breathtaking. Can’t you just picture yourself on top of that peak. Maybe soon, we don’t have a final list of summits for the summer yet.