How I Meal Prep for the Week

Food prepping is a real lifesaver for busy weeks, which come to think of it, seems to be every week. I always notice a distinct difference in how well the work week goes depending on whether or not I've prepped anything ahead. It doesn't have to be much, but just a few things prepped ahead keeps our household running much ... Read More

Superfood Smoothie Boosters

So why bother adding superfoods to your smoothie? I mean.. smoothies are already packed with fruits and veggies which are pretty healthy all on their own. But I guess I'm more along the lines of why not? Superfoods pack a lot of nutritional punch in small doses, so adding a little goes a long way! I definitely suggest using a ... Read More

30 Days of Yoga and Green Smoothies

For January I made 2 really big (for me) resolutions - the first is that I was going to drink a green smoothie everyday without exception, and the second was that I signed up for 30 days of Yoga Camp with Adrienne. One of my biggest hurdles in life is undoubtedly consistency. In the children's story of the tortoise and ... Read More

Lemon Mint Spa Water

The combination of lemon and mint is incredibly refreshing, especially on a hot day. We've been making pitcher after pitcher of this spa water all summer long. But... even though the weather has been cooling a bit, we're still making it all the time. It took me awhile, but I finally wrote down the measurements for what we've been using. ... Read More

Mason Jar Salads 101

Mason Jar Salads have completely changed the way we eat because it's finally convenient to get more veggies in every single day! I'll have to say, I'm really grateful for my husband who rarely forgets to eat a meal. I've been terrible over the last few years often forgetting to eat (which weirdly is easy to do when you're really ... Read More