Day 5 Solheimajokull Glacier in Iceland

When we last left off, we were making Thai Curry in the camping area at Skogafoss waterfall. We’d been going non-stop for 4 days with only 7 hours of sleep, (total) and it’s safe to say we were exhausted. Luckily when we looked up the weather forecast for the next day over dinner, they were predicting rain.

Day 4 Waterfalls Galore in Iceland

So far in our Iceland chronicles, (Days 1 & 2 Landmannalaugar and Day 3 Porsmork) the theme was non-stop sight seeing, and taking photos around the clock. Today with Day 4 Waterfalls Galore, the theme continues! We left off on day 3 photographing the aurora and then Seljalandsfoss by night, and we're starting in the same place the next morning. ... Read More

Day 3 Þórsmörk in Iceland

Our first full day in Iceland was spent in the Landmannalaugar region of the highlands in Iceland. On the long drive out, we stopped for the night in a privately owned campsite for a bit of sleep. Then the next morning we started out early to head into the Porsmork region of the highlands. There are highland roads you can ... Read More

Days 1 & 2 Landmannalaugar in Iceland

Our time in Iceland started out better than we could've ever dreamed! In fact over the course of the first couple of days, we kept saying 'I don't think it can get any better than this'. But of course, Iceland didn't disappoint as you'll see! We started the trip off predictably with almost no sleep in two days. But eager ... Read More