Food Prep 101

Preparing food ahead of time goes against my grain, I just can't seem to commit to 4 days in a row of the same salad - or whatever it might be! I love winging it day by day, and just going with whatever I'm craving - sounds good right? Well... in theory anyways - what actually happens is more like ... Read More

A Spring Decluttering

There's something about Spring that's filled with refreshing motivation! Perhaps it's the sight of sunshine, and the bulbs sprouting in my flower beds that's given me all kinds of inspiration to declutter. My Maybe on Monday challenge of the month is a massive spring decluttering, and to establish an in and out policy to avoid future pileups! Our clutter problem ... Read More

Challenge of the Month – Exercise

I don't know anyone who exercises just for the sake of it. There's always a goal in mind that's the driving force behind being physically fit. For me, it's hiking - I truly love being in the mountains and it's my main motivation in getting back into shape again. Each month this year, I'm challenging myself to do something that ... Read More

5 Ways to Simplify & Organize

I don’t care how much you organize, when you have too much stuff it never works! That’s where the simplify part comes in: less stuff = more organized. Whenever a space is too crowded you can never find the things that you actually need because it’s covered up with all those things you never use (or maybe that’s just me).

Motivation… Where Have You Been?

So… what does this picture have to do with motivation? For me, I’m never more motivated than when I’m in the mountains. In fact, there’s just no stopping me. Really, to the point where we have to turn around sometimes before I get carried away and we’re hiking out in the dark, (see Grotto Mountain).