Asparagus Fontina Frittata

Frittatas have quickly become a staple in our house since I made this Roasted Red Pepper Feta Frittata. They're just so easy and delicious! They're also one of those rare dishes where you can easily use up odd ends from the fridge, and somehow it still tastes awesome. Emptying the fridge is exactly how this frittata came about. I had ... Read More

Roasted Red Pepper Frittata with Feta and Spinach

As I took my first bite of this frittata, the flavors of roasted red pepper and feta cheese exploded in my mouth, and my first thought was 'frittata where have you been my whole life'!?! The obsession is real and not going away anytime soon, even as I was trying to take pictures of this deliciousness, I kept cutting little ... Read More

Snickerdoodle Energy Bars

Snickerdoodle energy bars are only available seasonally, but since I love making my own bars, I decided that we needed them year round! We bought an entire box of snickerdoodle Lara bars for our trip to Utah late last fall. Store bought energy bars are nice from a convenience standpoint (especially on a road trip) but homemade always taste 1,000x ... Read More

Peanut Butter Cookie Energy Bars

Once in a while we find a favorite that we’re both absolutely crazy about! It started with some store bought Peanut Butter Cookie bars for our backpacks.

Lemon Meringue Pie Energy Bars

I’ve never been a big fan of packaged energy bars. I see them in a utilitarian kind of way, useful and convenient when there is absolutely nothing else to eat. I always pack them when I’m hiking, but I do my very best to avoid eating them. Example: there is a Cliff Bar in my pack right now that is … Read More

Chocolate Chip Brownie Energy Bars

What are we going to eat for breakfast? This was a common question in the middle of the Canadian Icefields during our last big hiking trip. Energy bars are so versatile and perfect for breakfasts or a quick snack, especially when you’re on the go! I was definitely wishing for some homemade energy bars on our trip instead of yet … Read More

Crockpot Salsa Beef

This is by far the easiest meal I’ve ever made! All the ingredients are placed in the crockpot, turned to low for 8-10 hours, and that’s it! The house smells amazing as it’s cooking – in fact it’s almost better not to be home. The second time I made this, I was home the entire day and the delicious smells … Read More