Adventures in Missoula Montana

Our weekend in Missoula really didn't start off as an adventure, but Missoula is such a cool town that a great long weekend just sort of evolved! Our reason for being in Missoula was 100% mundane - we were there to get an oil change on our car and a routine service inspection... not what you'd usually call an adventure! ... Read More

Piegan Pass in Glacier National Park

There's a reason Montana is called Big Sky Country - I mean... just look at that blue sky there's really no end to it! We had a beautiful cloudless day to hike Piegan Pass with stellar views every step of the way! From the top of the pass, you'll see into the Many Glacier region of the park where the ... Read More

Siyeh Pass

Siyeh Pass in Glacier National Park is a fantastic through hike. This is always a bonus because you get to see new sites and scenery all day long! The trail head, (pictured above) begins at Siyeh Bend on the Going to the Sun Road. It comes out about 10 miles later at Sunrift Gorge where you can catch a shuttle. ... Read More

Glacier National Park in the Holidays 2014

It's kind of becoming a tradition to write a Happy Holidays post each year from Glacier. Why Glacier you ask? Well... because it's awesome, and we try to spend several days between Christmas and New Year's snowshoeing in Glacier National Park. We love tromping through the snow with the crisp - cold air and the snow capped peaks! The holidays ... Read More

Grinnell Glacier Overlook

Not very many people know about this trail, and it's a real gem! It's actually a spur trail that starts about 1 mile from Granite Park Chalet on the Highline Trail, (you can also reach this lookout via the loop trail that leads up to the Granite Park Chalet). The trail is about 1 mile from the Highline Trail to ... Read More

The Highline Trail in Glacier National Park

The Highline Trail is one of my most recommended trails to anyone visiting Glacier National Park! The trail is 7.6 miles to Granite Park Chalet, where you can stay the night and hike in the area the next day. Or you can hike down the loop trail, and catch a shuttle back to Logan's Pass where this hike begins. My favorite ... Read More

Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park

It never surprises me to hear Iceberg Lake is someone's favorite hike. It's definitely one of the most stunning hikes in Glacier National Park! The glacial colored lake sits in an enormous mountain cirque. It's actually so big, you almost can't capture it. We decided to combine hiking Iceberg Lake and Ptarmigan Tunnel because they share the same trailhead, and ... Read More

Mount Reynolds – The Dragon’s Tail

Location: Glacier National Park – Montana, U.S.A. Destination: Dragon’s Tail Summit Off Mount Reynolds Distance: About 8.1 miles round-trip from Logan’s Pass Visitor Center Difficulty: Moderate Hike / Scramble | Class 1 and 2 – Lots of exposure after you pass the Southwest corner of Mount Reynolds. Route finding can be difficult at points. Class 3 climbing with exposure to … Read More

Mount Oberlin

Location: Glacier National Park – Montana, U.S.A. Destination: Mount Oberlin Summit Distance: About 4 miles round-trip from Logan’s Pass Visitor Center / Loop Trail is almost 3/4 of a mile long from the the summit back to the main trail Elevation: 8,180 Feet / 2,493 Meters Elevation Gain: 1,480 Feet / 451 Meters From Logan’s Pass Visitor Center Difficulty: Moderate … Read More