Mount St. Helens

The massive destruction that surrounds Mount St. Helens is both stunning and breathtaking. There’s a surreal beauty to this mountain and the surrounding landscape.  Mount St. Helens has erupted more times in the last 4,000 years than any other volcano in the Cascade Range. The eruption in 1980 was devastating for many in the surrounding area. The mountain blew a … Read More


Portland, Oregon is a great city for all things recreational and food, so we definitely enjoyed our time there. There’s an unending amount of great restaurants, things to see, and things to do. The Mountain Hardware flagship store is in Portland. I have such a weakness for outdoor stores, so of course we went; hours passed, clothes were bought, and … Read More

Painted Hills and the Clarno Unit

It all began with a coffee-table book. We were shopping in Calgary (I’m guessing it was for kitchen stuff), and at some point I noticed Tyler had drifted into the book section. I found him sitting on the floor paging through a book with the natural wonders of the world in it. Pretty soon I was sitting on the floor too, captivated by all the neat places to go and see. The John Day Fossil Beds were listed in the book, and that got the ball rolling for the whole Oregon trip.

Crater Lake and Garfield Peak Trail

Let me start by telling you that the color of Crater Lake is even more mesmerizing when you are there. We still can’t get over the color,  neither one of us has ever seen anything like it before. We first arrived at the rim of the crater at 2 a.m. and there was a stunning reflection of the moon glittering … Read More

Coastal Adventure | Newport to Coos Bay

As we headed south toward Newport we said goodbye to the last of the sun rays. In the morning, we were lucky enough to catch a bit of sun for our walk on the beach. Even though our Newport days were foggy, it was definitely our favorite coastal town in Oregon. Although, it should be said that we may be partial due to the fact that we discovered two excellent restaurants. I tend to be enthusiastic about anywhere with good eats.