Fruit and Yogurt Cups with Granola

These fruit and yogurt cups have been a real lifesaver lately! They are so easy to make, and I love the convenience of having pre-made breakfasts all ready-to-go in the fridge. Picture creamy Greek Yogurt, topped with a homemade Triple Berry Sauce, with a sprinkling of Maple Cinnamon Granola and you'll see why I just can't get enough of these! ... Read More

Rosemary Chicken Ragu with Butternut Noodles

Butternut noodles are a surprising thing - somehow the spiralizer totally changes the texture of butternut squash, leaving behind some of the squashy-ness and transcending into wonderfully sweet noodles! You're going to love them with all sorts of toppings, but today I'm giving you my favorite pairing yet - Rosemary Chicken Ragu. The savory sauce has an almost velvety texture, ... Read More

Rosemary Garlic Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

You probably know by now that I'm all about simplicity, and never more so than in the summer! When produce is at it's peak, it tastes amazing all by itself, so I've been guilty of eating tomatoes plain right off the vine all summer long. But... last weekend we went to this phenomenal Italian restaurant in Calgary (it's called Mercato ... Read More

Double Coconut Salted Caramel Sauce

Everyone needs a good caramel sauce - it's a basic like chocolate sauce or aioli, these things are essentials! Don't be fooled by the double coconut in the title, because it doesn't really taste like coconut, just a deep caramel flavor. The coconut part of this recipe comes from the coconut sugar and coconut cream, which is what makes this ... Read More

Creamy Mexican Chimichurri

I first had chimichurri sauce in a Brazilian barbecue restaurant called Bolero in Calgary. If you've never had Brazilian barbecue, now's the time to start! I love all the different cuts of barbecued meat with very little in the way of sauce or seasoning (that's where the chimichurri comes in)! Now... I'm a sauce girl all the way, but if ... Read More

Feta Gyro Burgers with Tzatziki Sauce

These Gyro Burgers are inspired by several things: 1. For the love a good burger! 2. My family has been experimenting with traditional gyro recipes lately, and I just had to make an easy weeknight version. 3. And finally, it's the start of another grilling season! My main goal for this recipe was all the fantastic gyro flavors without the ... Read More

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Mousse

Chocolate Covered Strawberries are hard to beat! They’re easy to make, and the combination is a classic. We had hundreds of them at out wedding reception and they disappeared in no time. Since strawberries are one of those elusive summer fruits, (here today and gone tomorrow it seems), I’ve come up with a wintertime dessert that makes use of frozen … Read More

Chocolate Covered Cherry Mousse

Today, I’m guest posting for Heather Dessinger from Mommypotomus. Her site is devoted to healthy eating, green cleaning, and natural parenting. It’s a great, well rounded site chock full of great information, tips, and recipes. When I first went on her site, I found myself lost for hours reading one great post after the next!

Country Sausage Gravy over Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sausage Gravy over homemade biscuits was a typical weekend or holiday breakfast growing up. Long before I started limiting my wheat intake, I stopped eating this deliciousness because I would always get a stomachache. Now, it’s back with a makeover for healthier Sausage Gravy over Roasted Sweet Potatoes. There are definitely some things that you just can’t replace, but lucky … Read More