Winter Decor with Vases

I used to put away most of my vases after the summer season had ended, and they wouldn't come out again for another 8 months. But then I started thinking that I really should do something with them, (well that and I needed the closet space) so this is just one of the ways I've started using my vases year round! ... Read More

Burlap Holiday Centerpiece

I'm usually not super crafty in the home decor department, (probably because I rarely stop cooking long enough to do anything else). But ever since I stumbled upon the rolls of burlap garland at Joan's Fabrics, I've been wanting to do something with them. I'd seen a number of super cute wreath tutorials on Pinterest so I bought everything I ... Read More

20 Recipes for Fall Comfort Food

Fall has always been my favorite season for so many reasons, you can't help but love the ideal temperatures and amazing fall colors. Then there's the element of comfort food that comes into play when the blazing hot temperatures of summer finally subside. The house starts to smell of wonderful foods simmering away - Sweet Potato Turkey Chili in the ... Read More

40 Recipes for Inspired Grilling

We love grilling so much, it's a year round sport for us. It never seems to matter if it's -10ºF, I'm out there grilling something up for dinner! Everything about grilling is wonderful from the flavor right down to the easy cleanup. So... in honor of the end of summertime, (absolutely the best time of the year in my opinion) ... Read More

5 Ways to Use Up Large Amounts of Zucchini

If you've ever planted several zucchini plants in your garden, you might have the slight 'problem' of being overwhelmed with zucchini. I'll have to say I'm absolutely thrilled to have this little 'problem' of sorts, I've got so much zucchini coming my way right now I can barely keep up with it! We're growing a garden this year for the ... Read More