20 Healthy Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

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These 20 Healthy Recipes for Cinco de Mayo are perfect for everything from breakfast to easy dinner options. There are also some fun snacks, desserts, and some kombucha mocktails thrown in as well! And of course, there are all the salsa and guacamole recipes you could need to have the tastiest holiday.

Healthy Chicken Sheet Pan Fajitas with lime wedges and cilantro around it.
Healthy Chicken Sheet Pan Fajitas

It’s no exaggeration to say I think about food day and night. Really… I go to bed thinking about food, and I wake up excited about what I’m going to eat. So it’s only natural that I look at any holiday as an excuse to eat yummy things!

I know I’m not alone in this by any means. After all, we tend to create weekly holidays just for eating. I mean… why not make an ordinary Tuesday a ‘Taco Tuesday’? And… is there a single day of the year that’s not a food holiday now? I feel like I’m always hearing it’s ‘doughnut day’ or something along those lines.

Tacos are perfect for a healthy Cinco de Mayo!
Instant Pot Chicken Tinga Tacos

And so of course it’s no surprise we all love to eat on Cinco de Mayo too. I can definitely say in our house there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ Mexican food. We love all Mexican recipes from the truly authentic to the more ‘Tex-Mex’ style. You’ll find a bit of both in the recipes below. But they’re all on the healthy side and naturally gluten-free with dairy-free options too.

Carnitas spread for a healthy Cinco de Mayo!
Instant Pot Carnitas

Let’s kick off these 20 Healthy Recipes for Cinco de Mayo with some dinner ideas

20 Healthy Recipes for Cinco de Mayo | Get Inspired Everyday!
Jalapeno Cilantro Lime Chicken with Mango Strawberry Salsa

And Some Dinner Salads

Breakfast options are part of these 20 Healthy Recipes for Cinco de Mayo!
Roasted Poblano Breakfast Tacos

Cinco de Mayo Breakfast Options

20 Healthy Recipes for Cinco de Mayo | Get Inspired Everyday!
Tostones with Mango Salsa and Cilantro Chimichurri
Pico de gallo in a white bowl on a wooden cutting board.
Pico de Gallo

Salsas & Guacamole

Queso parties are also perfect for Cinco de Mayo dinners!
Instant Pot Paleo Queso

Queso Party/Fun Date Night

Instant Pot Paleo Queso + The Best Guacamole + Easy Blender Salsa = Happy Dipping!

Kombucha Mocktail recipes for a healthy Cinco de Mayo!

Kombucha Mocktail Inspiration: the ‘recipe’ for the one pictured above: Grapefruit Spindrift + a squeeze of fresh lime juice + a splash of freshly squeezed grapefruit or pineapple kombucha over ice. And for more inspiration, check out my Summer Strawberry Mocktail, Mango Blackberry, or these 5 Easy Kombucha Mocktails.

And finally some desserts, perfect for Mexican-inspired meals

Three bowls of Coconut Lime Ice Cream with lime slices and a striped linen.
Coconut Lime Ice Cream

So I hope you’ll enjoy some of these Mexican-inspired recipes, and you can find my whole collection in the recipe index. Maybe they’ll even provide some Taco Tuesday inspiration as well for weeknight meals. If you do make one of these recipes, I hope you’ll leave me a comment below. I always love hearing from you here!

P.S. In case anyone was keeping count… well it looks like I put together 35 recipes instead of the 20 mentioned in the title – so happy eating!

(This post has been updated in 2021 to include fresh new Mexican-inspired recipes and new tips!)

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