Chocolate Covered Cherry Mousse

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Chocolate Covered Cherry Mousse | Get Inspired Everyday!

Today, I’m guest posting for Heather Dessinger from Mommypotomus. Her site is devoted to healthy eating, green cleaning, and natural parenting. It’s a great, well rounded site chock full of great information, tips, and recipes. When I first went on her site, I found myself lost for hours reading one great post after the next!

I developed this recipe for Chocolate Covered Cherry Mousse with the holidays in mind. It’s a great make ahead dessert, and the red and white just looks so festive! The mousse is rich and chocolatey, piqued by the slightly sour cherries, and rounded out by creamy coconut whipped cream. This recipe is also Gluten, Nut, Egg, & Dairy Free, Paleo/Primal, and Vegan making it great for anyone with food allergies.

And…don’t worry it doesn’t taste like the healthy labels might imply, it’s decadent and deeply satisfying.

Head over to Mommypotomus for the recipe and instructions for Chocolate Covered Cherry Mousse.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Mousse | Get Inspired Everyday!

Chocolate Covered Cherry Mousse | Get Inspired Everyday!


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  1. The link no longer goes to your recipe. Is there a chance you could post it here. I’d love to make it again this Christmas. Thanks!


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