Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Three glasses of creamsicle smoothie sitting on a marble backdrop with a stripped linen.

This Orange Creamsicle Smoothie taste like the Orange Julius smoothies I used to love growing up! It’s made with whole, real food ingredients, and there’s no added sugar either, which makes it a treat healthy enough for breakfast.

Three glasses of Orange Creamsicle Smoothie with a striped linen on the side.

Do you remember those creamsicle popsicles, or orange sherbet… or Orange Julius smoothies? You name it, all those creamy – dreamy orange concoctions from childhood are the best! Today I have a simple, 3-ingredient smoothie that’s good enough to keep me away from coffee in the morning – at least for a couple of hours anyways.

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Pineapple Orange Banana Smoothie

Two glasses of smoothie with orange slices around and a blue linen.

This Pineapple Orange Banana Smoothie was inspired by my favorite flavor of juice from childhood. It’s hard to get enough of this tasty combination and it’s not surprising that kids absolutely love this one!

Two glasses of Pineapple Orange Banana Smoothie with orange slices on top and around the glasses.

Pineapple Orange Banana was my favorite flavor of juice when I was a kid. But these days we’re more nutrition savvy, and juice is no longer the breakfast staple it once was. Enter the smoothie… complete with all the fiber, and packed with vitamins and minerals!

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Vitamin C Booster Cranberry Orange Smoothie

Three glasses of cranberry orange smoothie with frozen cranberries and orange wedges placed around them.

This Vitamin C Booster Cranberry Orange Smoothie is my go-to all winter long because it’s packed with naturally occurring Vitamin C. The cranberry orange combo is a favorite by everyone that’s tried it, and it’s also a dairy free and banana free smoothie as well!

5 glasses full of Cranberry Orange Smoothie with frozen cranberries and orange wedges place around them.

The day after a big (holiday) meal, I like to have a light breakfast to ease back into the swing of things. It takes me a bit to get my appetite back after a giant meal. But that may also have something to do with the late night pie snacking that accompanies the holidays – who knows… ha ha!

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Mango Madness Smoothie

Mango Madness Smoothie | Get Inspired Everyday!

This Mango Madness Smoothie is so good it’s actually addicting with it’s deep mango flavor. It’s easy to make and packed with bright flavor and Vitamin C.

Mango Madness Smoothie | Get Inspired Everyday!

It’s an orange madness around here today! I bought a case of delectable champagne, (ataulfo) mangoes, and they’re creeping into everything. If you haven’t tried champagne mangoes yet – be sure to look for them. They’re less fiberous than regular mangoes and they have an addicting sweet flavor.

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Mango Blackberry Kombucha Mocktail

Mango Blackberry Kombucha Mocktail | Get Inspired Everyday!

This Mango Blackberry Kombucha Mocktail recipe has been a constant in our house lately with the summer heat. It’s refreshing and easy to mix up, as well as being completely made from real food ingredients. There’s no natural flavors or refined sugars here, and they can even be made Whole30!

Mango Blackberry Kombucha Mocktail | Get Inspired Everyday!

You all really loved my Summer Strawberry Mocktail, so today I’m back with this Blackberry Mango version! I’ve been having lots of fun this summer combining different flavors of kombucha with Spindrift. You can use any flavored sparkling water you’d like, we just love Spindrift because they’re completely natural, (with no natural flavors added).

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