Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowl (Whole30)

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This Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowl (Whole30) is my go-to easy meal that’s packed with flavor and veggies!

Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowl (Whole30) | Get Inspired Everyday!

It’s taken me a long time to start warming up to the Instant Pot. For starters, it seemed like everything I tried ended up with the dreaded ‘BURN’ signal beeping at me. Then there was the fact that if I didn’t somehow set off the burn mechanism, then my food was always under or overcooked.

But over time, I’ve finally started to get the hang of it. And I’ve even found myself enjoying the ‘hands off’ nature of this appliance. Now I’m not going to tell you this Egg Roll Bowl is going to taste better out of this Instant Pot than if you stir fried it. But it does taste fantastic, and it is really hands off, which is perfect for weeknight meals.

Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowl (Whole30) | Get Inspired Everyday!

I’m what you might call a ‘throw back’ because I love cooking the old fashioned way on the stove top. However I’m just like anyone else these days, and I love a little convenience to help get dinner on the table fast.

Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowl (Whole30) | Get Inspired Everyday!

To speed things up even more, you can always get a pre-shredded coleslaw mix from the store. But it really doesn’t take very long to prep the few veggies that go into this!

Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowl (Whole30) | Get Inspired Everyday!

After you’ve prepped everything ahead, brown the meat in the Instant Pot. Next pour the sauce into the Instant Pot and scrape up the browned bits. This is a super important trick I learned to make sure you don’t set off the ‘BURN’ sign. This always causes the Instant Pot to shut down.

If the Instant Pot senses there’s bits on the bottom that are browned and stuck, it will turn itself off while trying to come up to pressure. So by just scraping up the browned bits after sautéing, you’ll be good to go.

Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowl (Whole30) | Get Inspired Everyday!

Then the veggies are heaped on top, and you set the timer for 0 minutes, and no that’s not a misprint. What happens is the Instant Pot comes up to pressure and then shuts off. This is perfect for dishes like this where you don’t want them to be complete mush.

Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowl (Whole30) | Get Inspired Everyday!

After it’s done cooking, top with sliced green onions, toasted cashews, and freshly ground black pepper.

Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowl (Whole30) | Get Inspired Everyday!

And finally if you have any leftovers, they’re great for lunches. I ate this both cold and warmed up for a couple of lunches and loved it.

P.S. Just a note about texture, if you enjoy crisp tender veggies with a fair amount of crunch in them, then the Instant Pot isn’t for you. Even though the cooking time is short, the veggies are still soft, although not complete mush.

If you’re looking for something crunchier, try my Potsticker Stir Fry which is really similar to this. It’s also easy to make, but as it’s a stir fry you do have to stand there and cook it so it doesn’t burn over high heat.

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Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowl (Whole30) | Get Inspired Everyday!

Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowl (Whole30)

  • Author: Kari
  • Prep Time: 15
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 4 to 6 servings 1x


The perfect easy weeknight dinner with comforting take-out flavors!



1 pound ground pork, turkey and beef work as well

2 Tablespoons minced ginger

2 cloves garlic, minced


1/3 cup coconut aminos, or 1/4 cup gluten free soy sauce/tamari

1 Teaspoon toasted sesame oil

1/2 Teaspoon black pepper

1/2 Teaspoon red pepper flakes

2 Tablespoons rice vinegar, or apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup chicken stock, homemade if you can


10 cups cabbage, sliced into 1/2” thick pieces, about 1 pound

2 cups grated carrots, 8 ounces from 4 carrots

1 red onion, sliced 1/2″ thick, 10 ounces

1/2 cup thinly sliced green onions

1/2 cup toasted cashew pieces


Prep all the ingredients before beginning to cook.

Using the sauté function on the Instant Pot, brown the ground pork. If you’re using ground turkey you may want to add a bit of oil as well to keep it from sticking. When the meat is browned, add the ginger and garlic, and cook stirring constantly for about 1 minute.

Add the sauce ingredients, and stir scraping up the browned bits from the bottom of the pan, (a metal spatula works well for this).

Then turn off the sauté function and add the prepped cabbage, carrots, and red onion to the Instant Pot. Stir to combine then secure the lid and set the the pressure cook function for 0 minutes, (not a misprint, it’s really 0 minutes). 

When the Instant Pot is done cooking, using the quick release function and when it’s safe to open stir the Egg Roll mixture to combine and taste to see if you need to adjust the seasonings/add more salt or pepper.

Serve immediately with the sliced green onions and toasted cashews. This is great on it’s own, but also with steamed rice.


Be sure to carefully read your labels to make sure your ingredients are Whole30 compliant.

Nutritional information is calculated with ground turkey.

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12 thoughts on “Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowl (Whole30)”

  1. This is delicious!! I used ground chicken and bagged coleslaw mix (sorry, was in a hurry!) and doubled the receipt. I did end up with more liquid, it was easily remedied. I also served with cauli rice I made in air fryer. This recipe will be on repeat! Thank you!

    • I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it, and never any apologies for taking the fast route – it’s the only way to get dinner on the table some days! Also I love the sounds of cauli rice in the air fryer, definitely need to try that out!

  2. I made this for dinner last night – quick and easy, healthy and, wow, it’s delicious. My boyfriend asked if we could add this to our regular meal rotation. I think the cashews taste better after they’ve soaked up some of the juices, which just makes this dish even better the next day.

  3. Made this and kept getting the burn alarm…not sure if maybe there isn’t enough liquid or what. Never gotten that before :/ the bottom did burn but it turned out ok.

    • So sorry to hear that, I’ve made this so many times and never gotten a burn alarm. But there’s always so many variable with cooking, maybe the veggies didn’t have the same amount of water content or something along those lines. I’m glad it turned out alright even with the burned bottom and hopefully you’ll have better luck next time. I wish I had something more concrete to say, but like I mentioned before I’ve made this countless times and never gotten a burn signal or any problems at all so I’m stumped! The only thing I could think of is if you maybe forgot the chicken stock that could be the problem? There’s quite a bit of liquid called for between the coconut aminos, chicken stock, and then the veggies shed water as they cook. Also the cooking time is so short I’m definitely at a lose for what else it might be.

  4. I made this recipe and to call the results delicious would be an understatement. This is the best Whole30 recipe I have had yet. The instructions are clear and the process was super easy. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much, and I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it! It always makes my day to hear someone enjoyed the recipe, but also that you found it simple and easy which is my main goal for my recipes after flavor! 🙂


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