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Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie | Get Inspired Everyday!

Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie

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With a cookie dough like crust and a peanut butter pudding, this Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie is ultra luscious! It’s naturally gluten free and dairy free, and can be made paleo by using cashews instead. It’s very similar to the classic banana cream pie, but with a nut butter flavor combo that’s definitely irresistible. This pie is also a no bake make ahead option so it’s super easy for entertaining.


Units Scale

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Crust:

2 1/2 cup toasted peanuts, 12-13 ounces, no added salt or sugar, sub in cashews for paleo

1/4 Teaspoon sea salt

3 Tablespoons maple syrup

2 Teaspoons vanilla extract

Peanut Butter Pudding:

1/4 cup maple syrup

2 Tablespoons tapioca starch

1 can coconut milk

pinch of sea salt

1 Tablespoon vanilla extract

3/4 cup natural creamy peanut butter, sub in cashew butter for paleo

Coconut Whipped Cream:

2 cans chilled coconut milk, see notes

12 Tablespoons maple syrup

pinch of sea salt

2 Teaspoons vanilla extract


34 just ripe bananas

12 Tablespoons peanuts for decoration, optional, sub in cashews for paleo


To make the peanut butter cookie dough crust, place the peanuts and salt into a food processor, and process until the texture is mostly fine with some uneven pieces remaining. Then add the maple syrup and vanilla extract.

Process again until the mixture starts to clump and stick in the machine. If the mixture appears too dry to clump together, add a small amount of water 1 tablespoon at a time until it will stick together.

Place the peanut butter cookie dough crust into a 9″ pie plate, and pat it evenly into a pie crust. Cover and refrigerate the crust while you prepare the rest of the pie.

Make the peanut butter pudding by first whisking together the maple syrup and tapioca starch in a medium sized saucepan until no lumps remain. Then add the coconut milk and pinch of sea salt.

Place the saucepan over high heat, and whisk constantly just until the mixture comes to a boil. Then immediately remove the pan from the heat and whisk in the vanilla extract and peanut butter until completely combined.

Transfer the pudding to a container with an airtight lid, and refrigerate until it’s room temperature or chilled.

Then make the coconut whipped cream by scraping the hardened cream off the top of both cans, reserving the liquid for another use like a smoothie.

Then with an electric mixer, whip the cream on high speed until it becomes fluffy, 2-3 minutes, scraping down the sides as necessary.

Finally, add maple syrup to taste, a pinch of sea salt, and vanilla extract. Whip the cream again on high speed for 1-2 minutes, then transfer it to a container to be refrigerated.

When the pudding has cooled to room temperature, remove it from the fridge. Measure out 3/4 cup of the coconut whipped cream, and fold it into the pudding until it’s completely combined.

Then remove the crust from the refrigerator and thinly slice 1-2 bananas to layer across the bottom of the crust. You’ll need more or less bananas depending on their size. I used 1.5 for the bottom layer, and 1.5 for the topping for a total of 3.

Pour the pudding over the top of the sliced bananas. Then cover the pie tightly and refrigerate it for 6-8 hours, or until it’s firm enough to slice.

When the pie is thoroughly chilled, remove the remaining whipped cream from the refrigerator. From here you can either put it into a pastry bag fitted with the tip of your choice to pipe a design around the edge. Or you can spread it with a swirly pattern in the middle of the pie.

Finally, thinly slice 1-2 bananas to decorate the top with, and sprinkle with peanuts if desired.


I’ve found refrigerating the cans of coconut milk in the refrigerator door to give the best results with coconut whipped cream. It’s not quite as cold as other parts of the fridge, and I’ve had consistent results since I started doing this.

This is a very rich and luxurious pie, so you might enjoy half a slice!

  • Prep Time: 20 mins
  • Cook Time: 10 mins
  • Category: Dessert
  • Method: Stove Top
  • Cuisine: American