Avocado Face Mask and Hair Treatment

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Avocado Face Mask and Hair Treatment | Get Inspired Everyday!

Recently, I had the good luck to receive 21 avocados from a friend in San Diego and I’ve been having so much fun eating them and making beauty treatments. Avocados and Avocado oil are very beneficial to the skin. They contain many vitamins and minerals: vitamin A, some of the vitamin B’s, vitamin D, vitamin E, beta-carotene, lethicin, and potassium. Vitamin A in particular is known as the beauty vitamin because it helps protect the skin from damage, keeping your skin looking younger!

The oil in avocado is similar to our own so it absorbs easily into both skin and hair. Avocado oil acts as an emollient which helps your skin retain moisture for a soft and supple quality.

Avocado Face Mask and Hair Treatment | Get Inspired Everyday!

Peel and pit one avocado. Purée the avocado with 2 Tablespoons of water in a mini food processor or blender. Use about 2 Tablespoons of the avocado mixture for the facial and the rest for a hair conditioning treatment.

What to do:

Apply about 2 Tablespoons of the avocado mixture to your clean face. Massage the rest of the avocado mixture into your scalp and through the ends of your hair. Twist your hair into a knot and secure with a clip. Let both the mask and hair treatment set for 20-30 minutes. Next, rinse off the mask and treatment in the shower.

If you’re leaving the house you’ll probably want to shampoo as usual. I just rinsed my hair thoroughly and let dry – that way, the avocado oil got to sit in my hair for 24 hours of extra conditioning.

Tip: I like to use a facial scrub or a pineapple facial to remove any dead skin before proceeding with a facial mask. I’ve found that the mask is much more effective when applied to freshly exfoliated skin.

Avocado Face Mask and Hair Treatment | Get Inspired Everyday!

Avocado oil for the oil cleansing method is super hydrating and my favorite cleansing oil for moisturizing at night. Avocado oil helps to boost collagen production naturally. It’s very helpful for all kinds of skin conditions from acne to aging.

For an easier preparation:

Massage a small amount of avocado oil into your clean face. Then, massage a few tablespoons of oil into your scalp and through the ends. Secure your hair in a knot with a plastic clip. This treatment can be left on as long as you would like. Follow the procedure for oil cleansing and shampoo your hair as usual.

All in all, I thought the benefits of the avocado mask was worth a little extra effort. The hair treatment left my hair very soft, smooth, and extra glossy. The face mask made my skin significantly softer and smoother. Although I might not have time to do the avocado version very often, the avocado oil is really simple and effective as well.

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