Burlap Holiday Centerpiece | Get Inspired Everyday!

Burlap Holiday Centerpiece

  • Author: Get Inspired Everyday!
  • Prep Time: 30 mins
  • Total Time: 30 mins


  • 120‘ roll decorative burlap garland, see notes
  • 1 package, 12 small pinecones, no more than 2-3″ in size
  • 6 small decorative branches, about 8” long
  • 1 small piece of barn wood, 10″x5″, you can also use a rectangular plate it’s just less rustic
  • 3 pillar shaped candles with varied heights, 3″ in diameter


  1. Start by cutting the burlap into 3 equal pieces. Lay the pieces out on a long table or clean floor and braid the 3 pieces together starting in the middle and working out to each end braiding under to create nice puffy look to the braid.
  2. To secure each end, I wrapped the longest of the 3 pieces over the other 2 and secured them with a paper clip before tucking under the end to hide the paper clip. You could secure the braid in a more permanent way if you’d like such as glue or sewing the ends together, but I plan on taking mine apart after the holidays and turning it into a summer themed wreath for the front door.
  3. Once you have your braided burlap, lay it out on the table and start tucking in the decorations. I placed the piece of barn wood in the center and set the candles on it. Then working with the candles as the centerpiece, I tucked in 3 small decorative branches on each side, and scattered the small pinecones at random down the length of the braid.


I purchased my burlap garland, pinecones, and decorative branches at Joan’s Fabrics. They have several colors of the burlap garlands so you can create your own color combinations.