Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece

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Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece | Get Inspired Everyday!

The idea for this centerpiece comes from my Mother-in-law. She has a couple of them, and her house always smells amazing! After spending some time with them lately, it was just the inspiration I needed to finally make one for myself.

Her centerpiece is made with hazelnut coffee beans, which smell really delicious. I had a dark roast from Guatemala (unflavored), so I stirred hazelnut extract into the beans to make a similar version. I also did a version with vanilla extract and coffee beans, which might be my favorite because I’m partial to vanilla.

Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece | Get Inspired Everyday!
Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece | Get Inspired Everyday!

First, choose your coffee beans and extract of choice. If you’re using an extract for extra smell, stir the beans and extract together. Next, place your choice of candles on a decorative plate or platter. Scatter the coffee beans around the candles. Even them out a bit, and you’re done!

Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece | Get Inspired Everyday!

My platter was about 15 inches, and I used 3 pillar candles for the center. For the coffee beans, I used 1-2 cups stirred together with 1 tablespoon of extract and it was perfect for filling the white space around my candles. Measurements will vary depending on the size of platter and candles that you use. I also did a few with tea-lights and really small plates for smaller spaces.

Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece | Get Inspired Everyday!

Don’t worry about ratios though, this is a really simple project and you can add more extract, beans, or candles. That’s what I love about this centerpiece, you can’t go wrong! There’s no flower arranging or watering to keep up, just a great-smelling centerpiece that’s perfect year-round.

Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece | Get Inspired Everyday!

It’s no small secret that we’re big coffee fans around here, (addicts might be more accurate)! Both Tyler and I could live off coffee if such a thing was possible. Alas, one must have sustenance other than delectably rich espresso! All joking aside, we love having the delectable smell of this centerpiece around, even when we’re not drinking coffee.

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Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece | Get Inspired Everyday!

Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece

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Author: Kari Peters
Total Time 10 minutes
Yield: 1 large platter


  • 1 platter or decorative plate
  • 1-2 cups of coffee beans depending on your plate size
  • 1 Tablespoon Hazelnut or Vanilla extract
  • 3 pillar candles or one big 3-wick candle


  • Place the candle(s) on your choice of platter.
  • Stir together the coffee beans and extract.
  • Scatter the coffee beans around the candle(s), and shake the platter a bit to even out the coffee beans.
  • Enjoy the delicious smell!
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4 thoughts on “Coffee Bean Candle Centerpiece”

  1. (Coffee bean center piece)This is a great idea my only thought is how to make it a little more attractive. no real wow effect
    Sincerely Dee

    • If you want to jazz it up a bit, you could add a beaded garland arranged in and around the candles (my mother-in-law does this and it looks great). I love the simplicity of just the candles and coffee beans but that might not be for everyone! Hope you find something that suits you, and let me know if you do end up making this! 🙂

  2. Very nice! and if you put some drops of melted wax under each candle before placing them on it helps hold them in place when moving it from room to room 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip, I’ve already had trouble moving it from the living room to the dining room. I tipped over the pillars, and had to start over. I’ll definitely be trying this!


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