How To Plant Your Own Spaghetti Pot

Plant Your Own Spaghetti Pot! | Get Inspired Everyday!

I first started doing vegetable pots for one of my clients a few years ago. I was so pleased with the results that I wanted to try one out for myself! In this planter I have all of the ingredients to make a fresh tomato-vegetable sauce (think Gazpacho for pasta or cucumber noodles). The planter may look a little sparse … Read More

Spring Centerpiece

Spring Centerpiece | Get Inspired Everyday!

This flower centerpiece is super easy – no flower arranging skills required! The main idea is to keep the crisp clean look of white and green. The kind of flowers you use is totally up to you. Since the trees are flowering here, spring blossoms were my first choice. If blossom time is already over in your area, lilacs, tulips, … Read More

DIY Lemon Hair Gel

DIY Lemon Hair Gel | Get Inspired Everyday!

This lemon hair gel is great to have around for extra hold, or just a little frizz control. I tried making a flaxseed gel and it worked really well, but it’s pretty messy and only keeps for a week or two in the fridge. So…, that’s where gelatin comes in. I need something around for those ‘we have an emergency’ … Read More

DIY Glitter Shoes

Glitter Shoes | Get Inspired Everyday!

I first saw this idea on the blog Once Over Lightly, and I pinned a photo for later, (Pinterest is so handy for that). I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for anything that glitters. I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but whenever I do something as fluffy as spending a couple of hours glittering my shoes, I feel … Read More

Green All-Purpose Cleaner

Green All-Purpose Cleaner

This simple recipe is what I have been using for the past few years and it has been working great. When we were living in Calgary last year, it was more convenient to buy a bottle of natural cleaner from the grocery store. It turned out to be a waste of time. More often than not they seem to leave a bit of a residue. That’s why I like this cleaner so much, it’s effective and it costs less than a dollar to make.