Top 5 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies

Top 5 Reason to Drink Green Smoothies | Get Inspired Everyday!

I was a late comer to the green smoothie world, and by late, I mean YEARS!!! I’ve been seeing recipes for them here and there and I’ll have to say, I was more than a little skeptical. Once I finally took the plunge, I was hooked.

Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market | Get Inspired Everyday!

The first Farmer’s Market of the year is much anticipated. I got a little spoiled with a year-round market in Calgary, so waiting all winter really builds the excitement for the first market of the season! Everything looks so enticing that I get a little carried away and buy more than I need, but that’s okay because we eat more … Read More

Top 5 Stress Points

My Top 5 Stress Areas | Get Inspired Everyday!

Today we’re going to take a little time to smell the roses… or, blossoms that is. Life is just too short not to take some time to enjoy the little things. I came across a list of 5 stress categories a couple of years ago. I jotted them down because I knew that I needed some serious reform in all … Read More

5 Reasons to Add Lemon to Your Water

5 Reasons to Add Lemon to Your Water | Get Inspired Everyday!

1. Lemon is alkalizing helping to balance your ph levels. I have just recently learned that disease thrives in an acidic environment so alkalizing foods are especially good. 2. Lemon juice oxygenates and hydrates your body. 3. It’s high in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and much more. 4. Lemon water in the morning kickstarts your metabolism, digestive system, and … Read More