Motivation… Where Have You Been?

Motivation... Where Have You Been? | Get Inspired Everyday!

So… what does this picture have to do with motivation? For me, I’m never more motivated than when I’m in the mountains. In fact, there’s just no stopping me. Really, to the point where we have to turn around sometimes before I get carried away and we’re hiking out in the dark, (see Grotto Mountain).

Motivation is deemed critical to accomplishing goals. So… where does it go when I need it most? Now that’s the million dollar question isn’t it? This year, I’m tackling 12 different things I want to improve on, as part of my Maybe on Monday project. While I was trying to decide which one to tackle first; I thought, “I’m going to need some serious motivation to get through this”. And that’s when it hit me, motivation should be the first place I start. After all, if I’m not motivated, nothing’s going to happen.

The single most motivating factor for me is progress. Once I see the ball rolling so to speak, it’s easier to keep going. One success spurs on another, and it becomes easier to keep making changes. But… where does the motivation come from in the first place, (I mean, when you’re at ground zero and there’s a lot to do)?

There are two ways of obtaining motivation for me:

1. Finding it. Over the holidays, we were lucky enough to get out snowshoeing twice in Glacier National Park with phenomenal weather! Tromping through the sparkling snow, with clear blue skies, and the most beautiful views surrounding me is the best feeling! Whenever I’m in the mountains, I come home more motivated to eat better and change my habits to be in better shape to go again. When we can’t get out hiking or haven’t been on vacation for a while, I love looking at pictures and plotting the next adventure (all part of keeping the ball rolling).

2. Gaining it: When motivation has completely deserted me, I find it easier to just act and stop thinking about how badly I don’t want to do something. Once I take that initial step, I gain motivation to keep going based off the progress I’ve already made.

Having said all of that, my motivation has hit some all-time lows over the last couple of months. I’ve been trying to figure out where it’s gone, I mean, somedays it’s just packed right up and left! And, you know what I’ve discovered? Rest is great for motivation! Taking a little time out from the busyness and productivity shakes me out of my slump and puts me back on track again!

The secret to motivation (if there is a secret), is locked inside of your desire. Whatever it is that you really want, you’ll be motivated to make it happen. Sometimes, motivation is going to leave me, but at least I know where to find it! Here’s to a New Year with so many amazing experiences ahead!


7 thoughts on “Motivation… Where Have You Been?”

  1. I love what you said about acting instead of thinking. I overthink a lot, and can spend much more time thinking and worrying than doing :).

  2. Thanks for sharing, I needed this today… woke up to 18 degrees Fahrenheit weather in Southern N.C. and thought about taking the day off. I’ll start my workday by making some calls.
    Happy New Year 2014!


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