My Favorite Beauty Products

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My Favorite Beauty Products | Get Inspired Everyday!

Today, we’re talking about my favorite tried and true beauty products. I should start by telling you that no one asked me to review any one of these products, they are just my favorites that have withstood the test of time. It’s hard to find good products that don’t irritate sensitive skin, but here are a few that I’ve found.

1. Cell Food Oxygenating Gel is a total lifesaver for tired looking skin. I love to use it in the morning to perk up my skin, just apply a small amount to your freshly cleansed face and watch the magic happen. It contains all kinds of enzymes, amino acids, electrolytes, and dissolved oxygen. I probably wouldn’t have bought it myself considering the $30.00 price tag, but my sister highly recommended it. So… I gave it a go, and I’ve been using it for a year now with great results. It makes your skin smoother, softer, and it really does reduce the appearance of fine lines (it seems to be especially effective on the fine lines around my eyes).

My Favorite Beauty Products | Get Inspired Everyday! My Favorite Beauty Products | Get Inspired Everyday!

2. Humphrey’s Witch Hazel is my favorite astringent of all time! It also has cleansing properties, so it’s great for travel and outdoor sports. When we’re in the mountains for days, it keeps my face clean without having to wash it (really it’s the best all around product when you’re roughing it or when you’re at home). When I was a full-time gardener, I noticed no matter what I did, my pores would turn black over the course of the summer from being around dirt all the time. That totally disappeared when I started using witch hazel because it really deep cleans.

They also have witch hazel cleansing pads which are best for when you’re on the go. The bottles tend to leak when they’re turned sideways so they aren’t the best for traveling. I can’t tell you how many times my beauty products had minor explosions when we used to travel back and forth between Kalispell, Montana and Calgary, Alberta.

My Favorite Beauty Products | Get Inspired Everyday!My Favorite Beauty Products | Get Inspired Everyday!

3. DeVita High Performance Glycolic Acid Blend is a bottled version of my Pineapple Facial. I use this product mostly when we’re traveling and I don’t have fresh pineapple around. It uses fruit acids to sluff away build up of dead skin that will cause your skin to look dull in appearance. At the same time it smoothens, softens, and reduces pore size – Yeah! I’ve found my Pineapple Facial to be the most effective way to exfoliate and keep my skin glowing, but it’s not always convenient, and that’s where DeVita comes in.

4. Argan Oil, I love to use this about once a week as a deep moisturizing Oil Cleansing (for everyday oil cleansing, I use coconut oil). Argan oil is also a wee bit pricey, but I only go through 2 bottles per year, so it averages out. I also love to use it as a high quality ‘eye cream’ of sorts. Just apply a small amount with your ring finger to all the areas where lines appear on your face. For me, I apply extra just under my eyes, a small amount across the top of my forehead, and finally, around the corners of my mouth.

What are your favorite products, and what is your #1 – can’t live without it beauty trick? 

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Beauty Products”

  1. Hello again! =) I had forgotten some of your wonderful products you recommended and came back here to remind myself what they were (skin acting up again, and these really worked wonders on my complexion when I tried them last year!). I’m curious if you’re still using and loving all of these or do you have new go-to’s? My skin looks almost flawless again after the oil cleanse, pineapple facial and the BS exfoliater last night. Yay!
    Still loving your blog! Keep up the excellent work!

    • I’m so glad to hear you’re loving the blog, that really makes my day! I am still using and loving all but 1 of these products, I haven’t been using the Devita High Performance Acid Blend for a while because I haven’t found I need it anymore. I used to use it while traveling, and now I just use the witch hazel wipes and cell food with a 1x per week Baking Soda Exfoliation when I’m not home.

      I still use the Pineapple Facial and Oil Cleansing the most often, and I really love using the Witch Hazel daily as well. I still use the cell food mostly in the delicate skin around my eyes, but I’ve found it’s also awesome if you get a light sunburn on your face. I used it this summer when I was out hiking too long and my nose was a bit red when I got back to the car. The next morning I didn’t even have a burn at all which normally for me it would take a day or two to fade.

      I went back and read your last comment and found that you’ve had problems with the cell food flaking. I’ve had that happen too off and on, and there’s been 2 reasons for it in my case, either my skin has build up and the cell food doesn’t absorb properly, or if I put too much on it will flake off, (so hopefully that helps). I still use sugar scrubs to keep my body exfoliated and moisturized, my new favorite is my Lavender Sugar Scrub. In between the sugar scrubs, (which I use 1x per week) I moisturize with either my Cooling Aloe Mint Lotion or Easy Buttercream Lotion. I like to use my Lemon Cream Body Butter for my feet and any other dry spots that crop up.

      I’ll have to do some looking into my bathroom cabinet and see if there’s anything worth doing and extra products post on soon!

  2. Hi there =D
    I used Cell Food long ago and found it to flake after a bit. Do you have any tips or tricks to keep it from doing this? It was a lovely product, but I couldn’t get past the flakeyness.
    P.S. I tried that specific (ORGANIC) witch hazel you recommend and it is by FAR the best I have ever used! My skin was so soft and pores were not noticeable at all! No drying whatsoever like with some others (used to use Thayer’s).
    Thanks so very much for these recommendations!

    • I’ve noticed the same thing about Cell Food and I don’t know of any way around it. I started buying the smallest container possible so that I use it up faster because it seems to get flakier with time! Lately, I’ve been rubbing in a bit of coconut oil after I use witch hazel before going to bed instead of the cell food (I only buy it when I’m travelling these days). In the morning I love using the Pineapple Facial (link below) to give my skin a glowing boost when I’m looking extra tired!


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