Natural Sweeteners – Maple Syrup

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Natural Sweeteners - Maple Syrup | Get Inspired Everyday!

I like to use two different kinds of maple syrup in my desserts, Grade A and Grade B. The difference is a significant amount of flavor. Grade B maple syrup is the kind that you want to put on your Banana Pancakes because it has a deep maple flavor. It’s also great in many desserts where maple flavor would be applicable, like Apple Crisp with Maple Ice Cream (just typing that out made me think we need a recipe for that before Thanksgiving). Sometimes though, you don’t want a prominent flavor like maple syrup or even honey in your lemon bars. That’s where Grade A maple syrup comes in, it’s the perfect subtle sweetener because it has almost no flavor at all. It’s very light on the maple flavor which makes it the perfect companion as a natural sweetener in your kitchen.

Natural Sweetener - Maple Syrup | Get Inspired Everyday!
Natural Sweetener - Maple Syrup | Get Inspired Everyday!

So… what’s the downside to all this yumminess? The answer is the cost, maple syrup can be really costly but there are ways around that. For instance, at our local grocery store, a small 10 oz container of Grade A maple syrup was $13 dollars. Seriously, I about fell over and died! I’ve never bought maple syrup in small quantities before so it was a shock to say the least. On the positive side, there are other sources where you can get bulk maple syrup by the gallon for much less than the small individual bottles. You can order gallons of either Grade A or Grade B right from eBay

Here’s a quick cost analysis:

A gallon of maple syrup on ebay for between $40-$60.


10 oz of maple syrup at the store for $13.

A gallon has 128 oz making the maple syrup from the store $166.40 / gallon – that’s quadruple the price of bulk maple syrup!

The honey that we buy here is about $35 making it slightly cheaper than maple syrup, but as I mentioned, sometimes I don’t want the flavor of honey in my final product. Also, honey and maple syrup react differently when your baking with them. Honey produces a softer product where maple syrup produces a product similar to that of sugar. I’ve made my brownies with both maple syrup and honey. With the maple syrup, they came out very fudgy and decadent. When I used honey in the same recipe, they came out more like chocolate cake with a slightly weird honey flavor. Now, I love the flavor of honey but not when it interferes with my chocolate flavor. That’s why I love to use honey, coconut sugar, and maple syrup for different desserts where their flavor can be appreciated.

Natural Sweetener - Maple Syrup | Get Inspired Everyday!

The great thing about maple syrup, like coconut sugar and honey is they all contain a significant amount of vitamins and minerals. Are they as healthy as vegetables? Probably not, but the main point is they add to your body when you want a sweet treat instead of taking away!

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2 thoughts on “Natural Sweeteners – Maple Syrup”

  1. I didn’t know that they baked differently and had different results!

    I’ve been using maple syrup lately instead of honey, simply because it’s easier to use because it’s not as thick. I found a pretty good deal at Target, but now that you mention buying it in bulk, I may try doing that.

    I never use cane sugar, only if I’m baking for someone else, and have been really happy with just using maple syrup!

    • I know what you mean, once I started using maple syrup (Grade A and B), I don’t use the other sweeteners as much because I love how maple syrup works so well in everything!


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