Pineapple Skin Smoothing Body Treatment

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Pineapple Skin Smoothing Body Treatment - Get Inspired Everyday!

This is the fastest skin smoothing treatment I’ve ever used! It works quickly because of the high concentration of enzymes that exfoliate your skin into extreme softness! It came about as a continuation from my DIY Homemade Pineapple Facial. I loved the awesome results I was getting from pineapple on my face, and my Sugar Scrub isn’t always enough to keep my skin soft in the middle of the winter.

It’s been wicked cold here this winter and my skin is starting to take a beating, with rough patches springing up left, right, and center (probably due to my lack of diligence in the moisturizing department)! Anyways… sugar scrub works to some degree, but when my skin gets really rough, pineapple is the perfect immediate solution. With just one treatment, my skin restores itself to softness without the irritation that accompanies body scrubs. If my skin is really rough, I use this treatment 3 times in a week (Mon, Wed, & Fri), each time following up with a thorough moisturizing using coconut oil.

Pineapple Skin Smoothing Body Treatment | Get Inspired Everyday!

For 1 skin softening treatment you’ll need 1/3 cup of pineapple purée. I always make more by blending 2 cups of pineapple chunks, resulting in about 1 cup of purée. It’s really hard to blend smaller amounts of pineapple, (it can be done with lots of scraping down the sides), and a mini food processor is of no use – trust me on this one! If you only want enough for 1 treatment, you can scoop some out of the blender to reserve, and use the remainder in a smoothie (your skin will thank you inside and out)!

Pineapple Skin Smoothing Body Treatment | Get Inspired Everyday!

Be sure to purée the pineapple well – you don’t want any big chunks that could play havoc on your shower drain. It’s also much easier to apply this treatment when it’s smooth and not chunky!

Pineapple Skin Smoothing Body Treatment | Get Inspired Everyday!

Here’s to smooth skin in the winter and spring on the horizon, (we hope)!

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Pineapple Skin Smoothing Body Treatment - Get Inspired Everyday!

Pineapple Skin Smoothing Body Treatment


  • 2 cups fresh pineapple, cut into big chunks


  1. Place the pineapple chunks in a blender and blend until the pineapple is puréed and mostly smooth.
  2. Transfer the pineapple purée into a glass container for storage.
  3. Scoop out 1/3 cup for each skin softening treatment.
  4. Spread the pineapple purée all over your body and let sit for 2-5 minutes before rinsing off, (needless to say this is best done in the shower).
  • Prep Time: 10 mins

10 thoughts on “Pineapple Skin Smoothing Body Treatment”

    • I use some of it right away and then refrigerate the other half for up to 2 days. You can also cut the recipe in half to make less, especially if your skin is relatively soft, (in that case, you won’t need several treatments). I usually end up doing 2-3 treatments over a few days to take care of any dead skin build up.

  1. Sounds good, I’ve been getting cracks on my fingers this winter and I’m putting tons of creams and oils on them, can’t seem to get rid of them. Do you have any remedies for skin cracks?

    • Honey really helps cracked lips (skin cracks are harder to get rid of usually), and castor oil is good as well. I’ve always used coconut oil when my hands start cracking, combined with a honey mask 1x per week (simply rub honey all over your hands and let sit 15-20 minutes). It also helps to wear gloves for dishes and cleaning until the cracks heal up again!


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