Sunflower Seed Scrub

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This Sunflower Seed Scrub is extra simple with just 1 ingredient! In a few minutes you have a naturally moisturizing facial or body scrub rich in Vitamin E thanks to the natural content in sunflower seeds. This scrub is also portable and perfect for when you’re on the go traveling.

Sunflower Seed Scrub | Get Inspired Everyday!

This Sunflower Seed Scrub is one of the only scrubs I can use on my face without causing irritation! It’s not my original idea by any means, in fact I’ve seen it in every DIY product book I’ve ever picked up!

It’s super simple, and can be made in minutes with a food processor or blender. My favorite thing about this scrub is the moisturizing properties of sunflower seeds. They contain Vitamin E oil, and it always leaves my skin soft and glowing.

Sunflower Seed Scrub | Get Inspired Everyday!

Let’s talk about some tips for this Sunflower Seed Scrub!

Important Note: You should never use a scrub if you have any inflammation in your face due to a breakout or sunburn!

In this case, go for something soothing like aloe vera gel, or if you’re looking for a non-abrasive exfoliation treatment, try my Pineapple Facial. The pineapple facial is one of my all time favorite facial treatments, but I like to mix it up with this sunflower seed scrub.

I’ve found my face is happiest if I don’t use the same thing over and over again, with the exception of Oil Cleansing which best thing to ever happen to my face!

My weekly scrub/facial treatment rotation looks something like this:

Monday: Oil Cleansing

Tuesday: Pineapple Facial

Wednesday: Oil Cleansing

Thursday: Sunflower seed scrub or oil cleansing again if I’ve spent a bit of time in the sun

Friday: Oil Cleansing

Saturday: Oil Cleansing

Sunday: Baking Soda Exfoliation

As you can see, Oil Cleansing is my primary facial treatment because it cleanses, moisturizes, and lightly exfoliates – what more could you want right? It’s not recommended to use scrubs or exfoliation treatments too often or you can damage you skin.

Never use a scrub if your face feels tender, simply rinse it off and go with an oil cleansing instead. I’ve found that exfoliating 2-3 times per week is ideal for me. Always scrub very lightly so as not to take off too much at once, and use your ring finger when you’re exfoliating the cheekbone area of you face.

Sunflower Seed Scrub | Get Inspired Everyday!
Sunflower Seed Scrub | Get Inspired Everyday!

I’ve made this scrub in a blender before, but I found the mini food processor to be much easier. I took a full minute of grinding before my sunflower scrub was fine textured, (above right hand photo). It’s important to grind it very fine because bigger particles in scrubs can be too abrasive!

Sunflower Seed Scrub | Get Inspired Everyday!

All of these treatments are really simple to make and easy to apply – I wouldn’t be doing it if it was high maintenance – that’s for sure! I haven’t washed my face with soap for 6 years now, I use the above schedule instead, and I spend way less time than I used to when my bathroom was filled with pre-made products (oh, and my skin looks way better too)! Hope you enjoy this scrub!

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Sunflower Seed Scrub | Get Inspired Everyday!

Sunflower Seed Scrub


This super easy 1 ingredient scrub is naturally moisturizing with the Vitamin E in sunflower seeds!



1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds


Place the sunflower seeds in a mini food processor and process for 45-60 seconds, or until the sunflower seeds become a very fine meal.

Transfer the ground sunflower seeds to a container for storage.

This scrub will keep for 1 month at room temperature, or longer if it’s refrigerated.

My favorite way to use scrubs is in the shower because they’re rather messy!

Simply place about a tablespoon in the palm of your hand and add enough water to make a paste.

Then you apply it to your already wet face and scrub lightly before rinsing off.

  • Prep Time: 5 mins

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7 thoughts on “Sunflower Seed Scrub”

  1. Hello there =)
    I have been doing some enjoyable saturday morning reading, courtesy of your wonderful website. I love this daily breakdown of what works for you….I always have gotten a bit confused about how often to do different things when first trying them out. This is great, thanks!! Do you also do something in the morning….like your oat powder (w or wo honey)?
    Thanks a bunch!! =)

    • Usually in the morning I use the Oil Cleansing Method because it seems to keep my skin the right amount of moisturized for the day. I follow the Oil Cleansing up with Witch Hazel Astringent. If I’m really in a hurry, I ‘wash’ my face with water and then apply the Witch Hazel. Since I quit washing my face with soap 5 years ago, it needs way less maintenance! Let me know if you have anymore questions, and I hope you find a thing or two that helps you out! 🙂

  2. I am just so intrigued by this sunflower scrub. I have dryish skin, but with the summer (and like you said working in the garden) makes my skin feel so dirty. Sunflowers are in abundance right now so I just have to make this. Using soap as a cleaner…guilty is charged. And it’s doing nothing for my skin! Baking soda exfoliation, need to try this too. I read that post as well and it seems so easy. I bet it works just at well as the Lush products, which are nice but over-the-top pricy so I refuse to buy them. Well, I have to read your oil cleansing post now!

    • I think you’ll love oil cleansing! I was a professional gardener for 8 years, my skin got progressively dirtier (my pores started turning black) and soap/expensive products did nothing to really deep clean my skin. I started using homemade treatments, and I’ve never looked back! One thing that was especially useful during the changeover process was Witch Hazel astringent, it deeps cleans your pores like nothing else when combined with oil cleansing! The pineapple facial also deep cleans really well, and exfoliates without any abrasion which is nice when you’ve been spending time in the sun. Hope this helps, and let me know how it goes! 🙂


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